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  1. “American Horror Story: Hotel” Will Be Just Fine Without Jessica Lange

    Treva Bowdoin


    Jessica Lange’s “Life on Mars” encore was likely her last “American Horror Story” performance, but the show must go on. Like many viewers, I am sad to see one of…

  2. The Best Worst Clowns on Cable

    Rebecca Edwards

    With “American Horror Story”s horrible clown terrorizing TV viewers everywhere, it’s time to take a look at TV clowns over the years. Have we always been afraid of these made-up,…

  3. 7 New Haunting Shows for Horror Lovers

    Treva Bowdoin


    @MrRPMurphy is back this fall! The new TV series, #ScreamQueens will feature a new setting & storyline each season. — Horror Block (@HorrorBlock) October 21, 2014 Because of the…

  4. Everyone Is Waiting for the Next “American Horror Story” Fix

    Rebecca Edwards

    Despite my best efforts to ignore the praise and intriguing commercials for “American Horror Story,” I couldn’t resist any longer after season one showed up on Netflix. And, as if…

  5. The 4 Bad Girls of TV You Secretly Want to Be

    Diana Price

    We love to hate these three bad girls of TV. You may curse your TV screen at their wicked ways, but deep down, admit it, you want to be just…

  6. ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Spin-off Plans Killed

    Lisa Fowler

    Sorry, American Horror Story: Coven fans, but a spin-off series is not happening according to the show’s creator Ryan Murphy. Although fans have really been responding to Coven, the witches…

  7. ‘American Horror Story': You Won’t Believe Who is the Next Supreme

    Diana Price

    One of the great mysteries on “American Horror Story” this season revolves around which witch takes Fiona’s place as the new Supreme. After Cordelia revealed the dearly-departed Madison wasn’t the…