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  1. Prepare for the “Nashville” Premiere with Our Cliffhanger Cheat Sheet

    Valerie David

    CTV_Sept 16

    After a long summer hiatus, it can be tough to remember all the characters and cliffhangers on our favorite shows. But we’re here to help. Before season four of “Nashville”…

  2. Are These New Series Crazy Enough To Work?

    Valerie David

    CTV_Sept. 2

    TV networks are constantly searching for fresh material, and with so much competition for viewers, the pressure for unique ideas is high. Peculiar hybrid shows and alternate realities draw immediate…

  3. Is ABC’s New Thriller “Quantico” Worth Tuning in For?

    Valerie David

    CTV_Aug 11

    A photo posted by Quantico (@abcquantico) on Jun 12, 2015 at 5:50pm PDT “Quantico” is one of ABC’s most intriguing pilots premiering this fall. It features a sexy international cast…

  4. The Coolest TV Show Offices We Wish Were Ours

    Valerie David


    Work life is so much easier with a really cool office. As we stare at cubicle walls, illuminated by flickering fluorescent lighting, we dream of a better place. We think…

  5. Shows We’d Rather Spend $99 On Than the Mayweather-Paquiao Fight

    Jessica Fredrickson

    Any love for West Wing Or am i the only one still watching the show - Imgur

    This Saturday is the much anticipated, okay WAY overly anticipated, Mayweather- Paquiao fight. Or as I keep accidently calling it “the game this Saturday.” It’s like Super Bowl hype only…

  6. Which Queen of Darkness Should Stay in Storybrooke?

    Treva Bowdoin


    The small fairytale community of Storybrooke on “Once Upon a Time” was already overcrowded when the Queens of Darkness came careening across the town line in Cruella’s crazy-cool car, so…

  7. Should Rayna Really Be Running a Record Label on “Nashville”?

    Valerie David

    Connie Britton as Rayna James on Nashville

    “Nashville” set up a juicy storyline when Rayna (Connie Britton) launched her own record company, Highway 65. It’s been the source of endless challenges and drama for Rayna, the latest…

  8. Which ABC Crime Drama Should You Watch?

    Rebecca Edwards

    ABC's Secrets and Lies compared to American Crime

    ABC has two new crime dramas vying for your attention. “Secrets and Lies” is looking to snag a spot in your Sunday viewing rotation, while “American Crime” is making its…

  9. Is ABC Ready to Commit to “Forever”?

    Valerie David


    ABC series “Forever” has been flirting with death since its premiere. Though many predicted an early exit from primetime, the network granted the show a full-series order. The tepid live…

  10. “Agent Carter” Ass-Kicking Women in a Man’s World

    Rebecca Edwards


    A photo posted by Agent Carter (@agent_carter) on May 13, 2014 at 9:20am PDT So goes the tagline for “Agent Carter,” and every action-packed moment and snappy comeback proves the…