‘Sweet Home Alabama’ Season Four Spoilers and Past Couple Updates


Kelsey Smith Sweet home Alabama

“Sweet Home Alabama” season four has just started airing on CMT and of course this has fans wondering how the past couples from the show are doing now. Here are your big updates from the past seasons plus a few big spoilers for Kelsey Smith’s season.

Season One Devin Grissom and Adam Moyer

Adam and Devin did stay together for a bit after the show, but eventually called it quits. She was on the spin-off series “Southern Nights” and already had a new boyfriend. She is very active on her Twitter account, but doesn’t admit if she has found love or not. Adam is still on Twitter, but pretty much talks about football now. He did share having at least one new girlfriend since his time on the show.

Season Two Paige Duke and Jeremiah Korfe

Paige and Jeremiah were together for quite a while after the show. She was even in his music video for “This Paige Is You” with his group For Joyce. Jeremiah has now made his Twitter private. Her Twitter stays very active, but the only love she talks about is the one between her and the pit bull she loves to share pictures of all the time. On Jan. 13, 2013, she shared about their split on Facebook confirming it was over. She has been live tweeting during this new season of the show.

Season Three Tribble Reese and Tristan Smith

Tribble Reese and Tristan Smith didn’t seem to last long at all. He picked her in the end, but this couple was not meant to be together. Since the show ended, he has moved on and is now on the reality show “The New Atlanta” which airs on Bravo. He is still single and looking for love. Season one of this show had him dating, but not finding that perfect someone to share his life with yet. Tristan’s new profile pic on Twitter shows her with a man so hopefully she has found someone.

Season Four Kelsey Smith Spoilers

Kelsey recently did a big chat with fans on Facebook and she revealed several spoilers about this season during it. She does find love on this season of the show and is even still with her man. Kelsey says that she can’t wait to be able to be out in public with him because they are still required to keep their relationship a secret for now.

She also admits that Nate, Collin, and Todd were all guys that stood out to her right away. Viewers saw her admit she already had a crush on Collin so you never know what might happen there. We will just have to wait and see. Hopefully her relationship will last unlike the others from this series.

“Sweet Home Alabama” season four is now airing on CMT. New episodes air every Friday night.

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