“Supernatural” Season 9: 6 Questions That Need Answers

supernatural season 9

This week kicks off the 2014 episodes of Supernatural season nine, and after that crazy fall finale, there are several questions to be addressed before the end of the season. But before I get into those, let’s quickly recap what happened in the beginning of the season.


When we last saw our favorite hunters, angels, demons, and prophet, it wasn’t looking good for anyone. Dean had tricked Sam into saying yes to angel possession to save his life, but it turned out Ezekiel wasn’t the angel possessing him. It was, instead, Gadreel, whom Metatron recruited for his team and had kill Kevin! Then Gadreel dropped the “There is no more Sam” bombshell on Dean and left with the tablets. Meanwhile, Castiel took in another angel’s grace, and Crowley was still chained up in the dungeon and unable to really do anything with Abaddon out there ready to take over hell.


In tonight’s episode, “Road Trip,” left with no other choice, Dean turns to Crowley to save his brother, which results in him owing the King of Hell a favor, one he collects in the January 21 episode, “First Born,” when the two go on a road trip to find “The First Blade” (Cain, played by Psych‘s Timothy Omundson, has it) to kill Abaddon. While they’re away, Sam and Castiel will be back in the bunker, and the angel will notice some leftover grave in Sam, grace they could use to track Gadreel. However, the procedure could result in permanent damage to Sam, who, let’s face it, has really been through enough.

Questions That Will Hopefully Be Addressed in The Rest of Supernatural Season Nine

How will Dean be affected by what happened as a result of the choice he made?

In the season premiere, Dean made the decision to save his brother via angel possession, and with “Zeke” (really Gadreel) telling him he couldn’t tell Sam without risking him rejecting him and dying, the first group of episodes saw Dean struggle with lying to his brother. When he tried to come clean, it was too late and Gadreel killed Kevin. I only hope how Dean feels isn’t glossed over in the aftermath and/or pushed aside and forgotten to focus on everything else.

How will getting Gadreel out of Sam and the aftermath affect Sam?

Crowley does know how to separate Sam’s brain from Gadreel so he can expel the angel (see the photo above), and we know it works because Sam is Sam again in “First Born.” But what will happen to Sam after once he is completely in control again? How much will he remember? What will this mean for the brothers’ relationship moving forward? We’ve seen them estranged time and time again due to lies, so hopefully this time will be different. This all began because Dean wanted to heal his brother, but what will the long-term consequences be for Sam? And how much time will be spent on any guilt Sam feels for what Gadreel did while in control of his body? We do see in the new promo for the upcoming episodes that Sam wants to make things right, and even though he shouldn’t blame himself for anything Gadreel did/does in his body, unfortunately, that doesn’t mean he won’t.

What will taking another angel’s grace do to Castiel?

After spending the beginning of the season powerless (but doing really well at his Gas-N-Sip job), Castiel finally got some power back in the fall finale, but that was by taking another angel’s grace. While it’s good to see him an angel again, there have to be consequences to taking another angel’s grace, and that could kick off a really fun arc for him. But how much will he tell the Winchesters about what he did and what it could mean?

What will be the result of Crowley versus Abaddon?

We’ve also had an upcoming battle between Crowley and Abaddon teased, and thanks to that new promo, it looks like it’s coming. Crowley is looking for “The First Blade” to kill her, but should he have other concerns? After all, in the preview, she tells him, “Hell doesn’t want you, Crowley.” Will there be a big battle? Could one of them die? It’s hard to imagine the show killing off Crowley, and Abaddon has become such a strong character she’d be missed as well, but can there be a world in Supernatural where both survive this season?

Will there be a new prophet this season with Kevin dead?

As much as I’m going to miss Kevin and don’t want to see him replaced, unfortunately, they’re going to need a new prophet sooner rather than later to translate the tablets if/when they get them back. It doesn’t look like Kevin can come back from his death (but then again, look at this show’s history), but will they be forced to go looking for a new prophet in order to take care of Metatron?

How far will Metatron get in his plans?

“Holy Terror” saw Metatron reveal his plans to Gadreel: He got lonely in heaven after he cast all the angels out (what else did he really expect?), and decided to rebuild and be the new ruler, “X,” with the angels of his choice. He needed Gadreel to “neutralize” those who posed a threat, which led to Kevin’s death. But he had a list of names, and Kevin was just the first. How many people will Gadreel cross off that list? How much will Metatron accomplish before they find a way to stop him/undo what he did even though Crowley claims it’s irreversible?

Readers, I now turn to you. What questions would you like to see answered in the rest of Supernatural season nine?

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