Star App Of The Week: Rockmelt

Emiah Gardner | Jan 4, 2013

Sometimes really great apps for iOS and Android cost a few dollars. Often, this allows the apps to avoid ad-driven content. They may cost a couple bucks because of their specialized topics, narrow focus, or to recoup the high costs of development.

Sometimes, however, the best of both worlds come together and a really great app shows up that’s extremely useful and entertaining, does not include ad-supported content, and is free of charge. This week’s app lets you explore the best of the web with an easy-to-use interface, fast loading, and data syncing for offline use.

Rockmelt app

© rockmelt

Designed specifically for iPad (iOS 6.0 or greater), Rockmelt by RockMelt, Inc. was developed on Google’s Chromium open source platform, giving it a Chrome look and feel. It’s extremely fast and includes functionality that makes it very useful for Twitter and Facebook users.

Access the Things That Interest You

On the right side of the Rockmelt window you will find your Facebook friends and an indicator that lets you know whether or not they’re online and available for chat. What makes Rockmelt useful to Facebook chatters is its ability to bring your chat session directly into the browser–no more switching back and forth between Facebook and your other open tabs just to chat with your friends. Keep up with all your Facebook chats directly inside Rockmelt.

Keep Up With Content

If you’re a sports junkie, news hound, blog follower, or just someone who likes to stay up on new content posted to your favorite websites, Rockmelt was built with you in mind. The left side of the window lists all your favorite websites.

When any new content is posted or otherwise becomes available, the website icon will notify you, giving you the option of viewing it now or later. This is the perfect way to stay on top of the content on  your favorite blogs, important news sites, your team’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and even threaded chat discussions!


© Rockmelt

Keep Your Data Synced
If an app isn’t useful it’s just wasting valuable space on your tablet. Keeping data synced across several computing platforms and devices is incredibly important in today’s reality of multiple devices and operating systems. From smartphones to desktop computers, there’s nothing more convenient than having each device remember exactly where you left off.

By using your Facebook login to gain access to the Rockmelt browser, all of your settings and bookmarks will be saved on all your computers and devices running the RockMelt iOS app.

Post to Your Facebook Timeline

If you like sharing your travels and web exploits with your Facebook friends, you’ll love Rockmelt. Without any programming or additional configuration, Rockmelt automatically lets you post your website visits to your Facebook timeline.

This feature is particularly useful for those who belong to private groups on Facebook, as it enables you to automatically share information, news, interviews, movie trailers, music videos, and anything else you can imagine with other members ofyour group. No more copying and pasting links back and forth between tabs.

If this type of surfing isn’t to your liking, it’s easy to turn off. Simply visit the Rockmelt preferences inside the window and disable the feature.

Ad-free Content

Surf more than a thousand content-driven websites without all those pesky popup ads getting in the way of what you’re reading, viewing, or otherwise clicking on. Check out such great online magazines as Rolling Stone,The Atlantic,Forbes, and SB Nation and get “clean” views of all the content you want to read.

Check out the free Rockmelt app for iPad and get super-quick access to all your favorite web content. You can sync Rockmelt across all your computing devices to read offline,  stay in touch with Facebook friends via chat, and get ad-free content all in the same window. Guaranteed to please even the most avid surfers.

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