“Southern Charm” star Cameran Eubanks Weds Dr. Jason Wimberly


Cameran Eubanks was the beloved voice of reason on “Southern Charm,” which just wrapped its first season on Bravo.

On the show, Eubanks was often seen giving her friends love advice, but according what fans saw of her own life, Eubanks was personally lacking in love.

Throughout the series, Eubanks was a main character, but when it came to her own dating and relationships, producers didn’t show a thing, leading many to believe that she was single and focused more on her career than on finding Mr. Right. However, not everything is as it seems in reality TV and behind the scenes, Eubanks was very much in love. In fact, she recently got married.

Although Eubanks was never seen wearing her engagement ring while filming “Southern Charm,” she was very much engaged during filming (which she eventually confirmed to Andy Cohen on the “Southern Charm” reunion special) and in April 2014, married her “best friend,” Dr. Jason Wimberly, a Charleston-based anesthesiologist, who was said to have been her “longtime boyfriend.”

The nuptials of Eubanks and Dr. Jason Wimberly were kept on the down low until the affair actually took place, which made some speculate that the wedding could air on a possible second season, but because Eubanks made it clear that her now-husband has no interest in being a part of the show, stating that “reality TV isn’t for everyone,” that seems highly unlikely.

That being said, a season two return seems quite possible. Although the series was certainly no “Real Housewives” when it came to the ratings, it certainly held its own, considering it was a new show.

According to a Bustle report, “Southern Charm” averaged just under one million viewers per episode, which is just under that of “Below Deck” — a series that was recently renewed for a second season by Bravo. During the first season, “Below Deck” received over one million viewers per episode.

Another series which was recently renewed was “Vanderpump Rules.” However, because it is a spin-off of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and often airs directly after, it has a bit of an advantage in regard to ratings.

Likely helping the series with a possible return is the news of Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis’ baby. On the show, the pair were seen hooking up, becoming a couple and ultimately splitting up, but after filming ended, the two got back together and in late March, they welcomed their first child.

At this point, a possible second season is still up in the air, but Ravenel has been dropping some serious hints that the show will return. Not only did Ravenel say that fans should “stay tuned” for an engagement between him and Dennis, hinting that it would go down on the show, he also spoke of a future “episode,” which would feature the birth of their daughter.

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