Should we cry or celebrate over the end of Oprah's Show? Vote now!

With more than 5,015 episodes, spanning nearly 25 years, the official end of The Oprah Winfrey Show is upon us. The show’s reign on daytime television is certainly worth celebrating, or mourning. One or the other. No matter how much you love (or hate) Oprah, her show deserves at least one minute of your attention as it concludes, rounding out a number of remarkable moments in broadcast TV history. Not only has the show become one of the world’s longest‒running series, it also holds one of the top spots for “most watched TV broadcasts” when it aired an exclusive interview with the former prince of pop Michael Jackson (for reference: the broadcast received just enough viewers to beat out the national broadcast premier for the film Gone with the Wind). The Oprah show is also responsible for making audience giveaways (where members of the live audience at a show get cool schwag) a big deal. On the show Oprah gave her audience everything from fully paid vacation packages to Australia, brand new cars, and $100 gift cards for chocolate lovers. Even if you never watched a single episode of Oprah’s show, you undoubtedly heard something about it. For being such a powerful broadcast in TV history, here’s our farewell salute to The Oprah Winfrey Show. What about you? Are you crying over the show making its way into the history books, or are you celebrating the end (champagne not required)?

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