Rich Kids of Instagram Might Just Be Your New Guilty Pleasure

Rich Kids of Instagram

Someone pour the Perrier and set out the caviar—if looking through the Rich Kids of Instagram blog is one of your guilty pleasures, you’ll now be able to experience it from the comfort of your couch. Deadline reports that the successful Tumblr blog is making the leap from Internet to TV, thanks to an exclusive deal with the E! Network and ITV Studios America.

Just in case fame and fortune weren’t enough for some of the 20-somethings featured on the site, they’ll now garner even more fans with the new format. While the blog and the new TV show aren’t technically associated with one another, E! might poach some of the individuals featured on the blog for story lines. The show, tentatively titled Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, is set to follow in the footsteps of other rich-and-famous smash shows; think Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Shahs of Sunset, and the entire Housewives franchise.

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It’s just another way for networks to capitalize on America’s apparent fascination with those who have more money than they know what to do with. Whether it’s morbid curiosity or escapism, shows about the wealthy elite have become veritable cash cows for the networks willing to head into the country’s seemingly oblivious underbelly. Thanks to an existing fan base, E! could have a runaway hit and possible franchise starter on its hands.

But don’t pop the Dom just yet—other networks have tried to transition web interest to TV to no avail. In 2010, CBS thought they had a hit with S*** My Dad Says, based on a popular Twitter feed. The show lasted one season before being canceled. It just proves that because something is big online doesn’t mean it’ll translate to a TV audience as well.

Still, the show has a solid chance of success. America has proven its interest in peeking into the imperfect lives of the extremely wealth. In a way, it validates negative feelings toward those who have money. After all, if millions of dollars still result in relationship drama and dysfunctional families, average Joes can feel a bit better about their lot in life, even if it doesn’t include private planes, yachts, and ridiculously groomed animals.

Of course, CBS didn’t have the advantage of a bunch of rich kids, their Instagram pictures and their apparent drama to work with in their past Internet-to-TV endeavors. Prediction? This makeover of Rich Kids of Instagram will be big—in a love-to-hate way. What do you think? Are you interested in watching a bunch of rich kids throw away money and live extravagantly? Let us know in the comments!

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