“Parachute” Premieres At Tribeca Film Festival To Rave Reviews


“Parachute,” a short film dirtected by Peter Stebbings and starring Peter Mooney (“Rookie Blue”), Cle Bennett (“Rookie Blue”), Charlotte Sullivan (“Rookie Blue”), and Tommie-Amber Pirie (“Michael: Tuesdays& Thursdays”), premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The film tells the story of a group of bankers that are trapped in professional purgatory as they must decide what they truly want to do before it’s too late. Peter Mooney, who wrote the film, said having his movie premiere at the festival was a dream come true.

“It was just coming together last time I spoke to you,” Mooney said in an interview after the screening. “The idea for “Parachute was born during pilot season in LA. At the same time I was there, my brother was in his first few months as an investment banker. he would write me emails detailing the day-to-day antics and eventually I was finding these emails more engaging than most of the scripts I was reading. So I took something from the tone and the context of them and wrote the script.”

Mooney said he was pleasantly surprised to hear the auidence members responses during the premiere.

“It was just so great to see it with a crowd and hear the reaction from everyone in the room. I mean this is Tribeca. It was just great. I really can’t say more about it then it was just great.”

Mooney stars in the film with fellow “Rookie Blue” star, Charlotte Sullivan. Sullivan’s husband directed the movie and had to direct them in a pretty intimate kissing scene. Mooney said working with someone he knew made it a lot easier.

“They are just different people you know. So we get into that mode that we aren’t playing the same characters we are used to. So it was pretty nice to switch modes and play someone that isn’t who we play normally on our other show. It was comfortable and I love working with Charlotte. So it was great.”

Director Stebbings joked that he was glad he was asked to director but said it was interesting.

“It ended up being a great film and I think it’s a wonderful piece of work. I still consider myself relatively new to this directing thing. So when Peter Mooney and Sonia Hosko approached me to do this I leapt at the chance. First it was a job. Secondly it was a chance to work with colleagues that I had enormous respect for,” said Stebbings. “I love directing however, I realized I was going to be shooting him making out with my wife,” laughed Stebbings, “but regardless it came out amazing and I am really proud of it.”

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