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  1. The New Amy Schumer TV Show Looks Like It Could Be A Hit

    The new Amy Schumer TV show, Inside Amy Schumer, is the most recent breakout hit from Comedy Central. Part sketch comedy show, part standup, and part chat show, it has…

    Inside Amy Schumer
  2. Women in TV Shows: You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

    If the door to women in TV shows was partially closed in the early 1950s, it was kicked wide open by Lucy (Lucille Ball) and her friend Ethel (Vivian Vance)…

    Mariska Hargitay Law and Order SVU
  3. Apple TV vs. Google TV

      What’s on TV tonight? That age-old question is starting to take on new meaning with the growing demand and availability of streaming content. Now, viewers don’t have to flip…

    Apple TV vs Google TV
  4. Best of Ron Swanson: Top Ten Moments of Season Five

    Love and romance were in the air on Parks and Recreation this season. Not only did season five include an absolutely adorable proposal and a surprise last-minute wedding for Leslie…

    Best of Ron Swanson
  5. 25% of TV Shows Never Make It Past One Season [INFOGRAPHIC]

    The current TV season officially ends next Wednesday, May 22nd, and with it comes several show cancellations. A second season is never a sure thing; TV networks commonly cancel shows…

  6. TV Show Recaps that are Better than the Show Itself

    Writing recaps and weekly commentary for television shows requires equal parts humor, compassion, insight, sarcasm, and truth. Strike a balance between these elements, write with conviction and authority, know your…

  7. Stream ‘The Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack Before the Film Hits Theaters

    Few directors use music as effectively as Australian director Baz Luhrmann. The man behind Moulin Rouge!, Australia, Romeo + Juliet, and Strictly Ballroom fills his movies with a stylish blend…

  8. Amazon Releases 14 TV Pilots — Letting Viewers Vote for More

    Rumors have been floating all over the Internet about the possibility of Amazon Instant TV taking a cue from Netflix by developing and releasing its own set of original programming….


    by on

  9. 3 Things are Guaranteed in Life: Death, Taxes, and Disney [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Disney has positioned itself to be successful in a wide array of markets, from entertaining kids with cartoon animals to playing the venture capital game. It’s no surprise why Disney…

  10. The 2013 Webby Awards Take Online Entertainment Seriously

    America loves award shows. The red carpets, the flashbulbs, the afterparty rumours — we’re fascinated with the winners and losers alike. But there’s something that might leave us a little…