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  1. The Best Game of Thrones Quotes

    “Winter is coming” may be the most recognizable and reiterated quote in Game of Thrones thus far, but there is no shortage of quips and rhetorical digs throughout the show….

  2. 4 Ways to Make a Smart TV From Your Basic HDTV

    TV technology is constantly upgrading, making it almost impossible to keep up. What was top of the line a few years ago is now almost obsolete. Sure, you thought you…


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  3. We’re All Infected: Why Walking Dead Fans Are Ravenous

    At first glance,The Walking Dead probably looks unwatchable, dumb, and needlessly gruesome — unless you’re one of the growing number of Walking Dead fans. In the wrong hands, zombie stories…

    The Walking Dead
  4. 3 Social TV Apps That Make Real-Time Interaction Easier Than Ever

    As you’re browsing in the app store or Android market, you might have seen applications that promise a social television experience. But what exactly are social TV apps? These applications…


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  5. Clara Oswald: Doctor Who’s Impossible Companion

    This article may include spoilers for those readers who have yet to see any episodes from the first or second half of series seven of Doctor Who. If the name…

  6. Violence in Westoros: The Best Fights in Game of Thrones

    There are many great reasons to tune in to HBO’s smash hit, Game of Thrones. This is a series for adults, so there’s plenty of flesh, enough sex to make…

  7. Reality TV Is The Simple Reality of Modern Programming

    Reality TV has long ceased to be a way of producing low-budget content to fill out the programming schedule. These days, it’s not only a programming staple but, in the…

  8. Kristen Stewart’s Mom Talks About K-11, First-Time Directing, and Her Daughter

    K-11, directed by Jules Stewart (better known as Kristen Stewart’s mom) will be on DVD and Blu-Ray April 23rd. The film tells the story of record producer Raymond Saxx, Jr….

    Jules Stewart K-11
  9. 5 Most Impactful Moments in Game of Thrones

        Game of Thrones is many things to many people: Sexy men for people that like that sort of thing, wicked wenches if your tastes run that direction, violence…

  10. Jimmy Fallon is Taking The Tonight Show Back To It’s Roots

    Last week, NBC announced a successor to take over as host of The Tonight Show! Now, don’t start congratulating yourself for finally getting your time machine to work and take…