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  1. 5 CBS Shows That Need To Step Up Their Game

    Oh how the years go by! #TBT to season one of #TheGoodWife! CBS does well with their schedule of dramas, airing shows with ratings that smaller networks would kill for….

  2. 5 Ways To Be More Like “Empire’s” Cookie

    No television heroine in recent memory has garnered as much attention as the over-the-top matriarch of the Lyon clan on “Empire.” Even months after the season finale, we still can’t…

  3. Is Comedy Central Color-blind just like Steven Colbert?

    With the changing of the guard at Comedy Central, fans and critics alike are in for a whole new era of political and pop culture commentary. Not only are the…

  4. The Coolest TV Show Offices We Wish Were Ours

    Work life is so much easier with a really cool office. As we stare at cubicle walls, illuminated by flickering fluorescent lighting, we dream of a better place. We think…

  5. 8 Career Lessons from Your Favorite TV Characters

    We’ve all heard the saying, “Art imitates life.” TV characters become our favorites because they strike a chord with our own reality. We either relate to them or there is…

    Suits - Season 4
  6. Behind USA Network’s “Mr. Robot” SXSW Ads

    SXSW attendees got their first introduction to new USA TV series “Mr. Robot” through a gimmicky campaign designed to spark curiosity. As an homage to the lead character, mysterious hacker-types…

    Mr. Robot - Pilot
  7. Should You Bundle Cable, Internet, and Phone?

    If you’re shopping around for a better deal on cable TV, or if you’ve recently moved and are connecting cable and Internet service in your new home, you may wonder…

  8. New Female-Centered TV Shows are Taking Over

    The top two woman contenders for the 1996 Oscar Awards were Susan Sarandon, portraying a nun, and Elizabeth Shue, portraying a prostitute. Sometimes it seems like movie roles for women…

    16th Annual Warner Bros. And InStyle Post-Golden Globe Party - Arrivals
  9. 2015 TV Customer Satisfaction Industry Survey

    We asked over 4,000 people in the U.S. about how they usually watch TV at home and how satisfied they are with their respective services. The results are in and…

    Provider Comparison
  10. Why You Should Catch Up with “Da Vinci’s Demons” Right Now

    With the summer premiere of season three of “Da Vinci’s Demons” looming, now is the perfect time for TV fans to catch up with the series. Those who only have…