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  1. A Break-up Letter to My Cable Company

    Dear Cable I’m leaving you. It’s not you, it’s me. It’s you. I think we’ve both known this was coming. We gave it a good try. Well, I did at…

  2. NBC Adds 5 New Dramas to Fall Schedule

    With the cancellation of shows like “State of Affairs” and “Constantine,” and the end of “Parenthood,” NBC had room in the schedule to launch five new dramas. The network chose…

    Blindspot - Season Pilot
  3. Sundance TV Crosses International Waters with “Deutschland 83”

    Sundance TV is bringing “Deutschalnd 83,” the first German-language series, to the American airwaves. It’s not a remake – it’s the bona-fide show that debuted at the Berlin Film Festival…

    CTV_June 16
  4. Why I Miss My Dish

    Why I regret cutting the cord, and leaving DISH for streaming. Fed up with the monthly kick in the gut of opening my TV bill, I succumbed to the lure of…

  5. TNT Gets Edgy with Intriguing New Dramas

    TNT used to be the place to binge-watch “Law & Order” reruns. But with the success of its own procedural, “The Closer,” the network increased its investment in original programming….

  6. Showtime’s “Happyish” Makes Us Feel at Home

    I sometimes forget that I’ve turned the corner on 40, and am now – undeniably – IN my forties. Television is one place where I rarely forget my age, mainly…

    CTV_June 11
  7. USA Network Fills Schedule with Hero Dramas to Lure New Audience

    The USA Network is well-known for its slick, polished dramas that are infused with humor or a light-hearted tone. In an effort to draw in new viewers, the channel has…

    Complications - Pilot
  8. 5 New Shows From CBS

    Somehow CBS managed to find room in their upcoming TV schedule to add some new shows. Alongside their long-running hits, and five unexpected renewals, the network is launching three new…

  9. 10 TV Dorm Rooms That Make Us Wish We Were Back in College

    Some people think college is all about the books and the studying, but we know that you can’t learn anything if you’re living in squalor. Thankfully, some of our favorite…

    CTV_June 1
  10. Get Your Outdoor Inspiration On with Our Favorite HGTV Shows

    There’s nothing better during the dog days of summer than enjoying an icy beverage in the comfort of your backyard oasis. With the warmest season just around the corner, it’s…

    CTV_may 28