Our Favorite Musical Psych Moments


Fans of Psych have been eagerly awaiting the promised musical episode for some time now and now the countdown has officially begun for the special 2-hour episode which will air on the USA network on December 15.

Music has always been as much a part of what makes Psych special as has all of its 80s references and homages to different genres of television and movies. Just hearing the familiar energetic and catchy theme song each week, which at times is even changed to match the episode theme, is a reminder of just how influential music can be to the show. What other show on television today has had their theme song sung in Spanish, Hindi, or better yet, sung by Boyz II Men? The answer is not enough. Thank goodness for our ambitious friends at Psych!

As we count down the days until we get to enjoy an entire episode full of song and dance, let us look back at some of our favorite musical and dance moments from seasons past.

Shawn and Gus perform on American Duos

American Duos

How can you go wrong making fun of American Idol? Psych was certainly ahead of the game. A very early episode, but still one of my personal favorites. From the flashback scene of young Shawn and Gus performing as Roland Orzabal from Tears for Fears and, of course, Michael Jackson (because that makes total sense) – to the finale of grown-up Shawn and Gus re-creating that peformance in front of millions, it definitely is an episode worth re-watching. Over and over again. If only to see Jules decked out in her eighties dancer gear coaching the two on their dance moves.


 High Top Fade Out

High Top Fade Out

I think we all were pleasantly surprised and excited to find out about Gus’s secret past as an acapella boy group college phenomenon. Probably not as much as Shawn, who of course found a way to join in on the fun. Much to all of our delight. And to top it all off the return of Boyz II Men? Even if it was only in the form of a theme song, we’ll take it!

Let’s Doo-Wop It Again


Seeing Shawn live out his life-long dream of being a member of a four-piece singing group was a fantastically humorous and memorable episode as well. Up until he bent over in pain due to a burst appendix, of course. But up until that point, I think we all can agree he rocked it!

 Feet Don’t Kill Me Now

Feet Don't Kill Me Now

 And what’s better than seeing Dule Hill at his tap-dancing best? Seeing Detective Carlton Lassiter leading out a group of kids into a choreographed musical number! And solving a crime in the middle of it!

We definitely can’t wait for December 15 to see what the Psych gang has in store for us. What are some of your favorite musical moments of the show? Let us know!

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