“Orphan Black”: Why the Non-Clone Characters are Just as Intriguing and Important

Orphan Black

“Orphan Black” is the best show on TV that you need to be watching, and it’s not just the clones that should have you hooked. The characters in the clones’ lives are just as intriguing and important.


Felix started out as Sarah’s brother who found himself in the middle of Clone Club and ended up being Alison’s confidant, something that will continue in season two. He’s one of the few characters on the show whose motives have never come into question and who can be completely trusted. However, there’s still so much we don’t know about him, and that’s something I hope changes soon. Besides, is there any character on TV as quotable as he is?

Paul and Delphine

Those these two monitors have fallen for clones and have seemingly chosen, at times, love over the job, everything that’s out about season two thus far suggests they still can’t be trusted. Paul still has his past, and we don’t know that much about Delphine at all. When it comes down to it, which side will they each choose this season? Can the clones trust them?

Mrs. S

We thought we could trust her. We thought she had Kira’s best interests at heart, and maybe she does. Maybe she took Kira and ran at the end of season 1 to protect her. The thing is, we still don’t know what Sarah’s birth mother was trying to tell her as she died and there is that photo of Project LEDA that brings up even more questions.


The only biological child of a clone (that we know about), there’s something very special about Sarah’s daughter. She knew Alison wasn’t her mother even though she had no reason to think there’s someone out there who looks exactly like Sarah, and Sarah knew that Kira knew she was back. Plus, there’s the matter of Kira healing after she was hit by the car. Rachel wants Kira for a reason, and there has to be a reason why Sarah was able to have a child while the other clones could not and what that means for Kira.


Alison’s monitor has successfully fooled everyone, showing he’s not the lump Alison thinks he is. They’ve been together so long, so how was he recruited? Why is he doing this? Does he have any real feelings for Alison?

The Season Two Newbies

There are several new characters coming in for “Orphan Black” season two, including Cal, Johanssen, Mark, Jesse and Marion Bowles. Cal (Michiel Huisman) is someone who is connected to Sarah, and there is speculation that he could be Kira’s father. Johanssen (Peter Outerbridge) is the leader of a new group of religious extremists and Mark (Ari Millen) is one of his loyal followers. What will this group mean for the clones? Where will they fall in the Sarah versus Rachel war? Not much is known about Jesse (Patrick J. Adams) other than that he’s a down-to-earth guy with guts and a good nature. Which clone will he cross paths with when he shows up? Finally, Marion (Michelle Forbes) is a powerful new player at Dyad who has a birds-eye view of Sarah and Rachel’s war. What is her role in this entire world?

Who is your favorite non-clone character returning from season one? Which new character are you most looking forward to meeting in “Orphan Black” season two?

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