“Orphan Black”: 12 Reasons You Should Be Part of Clone Club

Orphan Black Cast

The second season of “Orphan Black” April 19 on BBC America, and if you haven’t checked it out yet and don’t want any spoilers, I advise you to stop reading, go watch the 10 episodes in season 1, and then come back and continue. It became a TV obsession of mine after the first episode, and I guarantee you’ll see why.

Here are 12 reasons why you should be part of Clone Club and looking forward to season 2:

1. Tatiana Maslany is amazing.

Maslany is outstanding as she delivers award-winning performances as she brings each of these clones to life in a way that makes each so unique, I can tell who she’s playing – including when she’s playing a clone pretending to be another clone – even with just one word.

2. Sarah is flawed.

Sarah is far from perfect. She left her daughter in the care of her foster mother, and you just have to look to her ex-boyfriend, Vic the Dick, to see that she’s made mistakes. However, you still want to see her win, and you’re rooting for her even as she’s pretending to be Beth in the beginning just for the money.

3. Alison is not your average soccer mom.

I admit, it took a bit for Alison to grow on me. It didn’t help that she pointed a gun at Felix. However, she quickly became my favorite clone, from her drunken ramblings to her twisted way of using a craft room, from getting high with Chad to how she handled it when she thought she had identified her monitor.

4. Cosima is the hot one.

Just watch, trust me. You’ll see why. Plus, the science.

5. Helena is the crazy one.

Helena is absolutely insane, but you still want to see more of her, especially when it comes to recapping her day and what she does to a certain part of Olivier’s.

6. Felix is the best.

Really, Felix is the best. He not only has the best lines on the show, but he also sticks by Sarah’s side through the craziness of clone world and manages to end up going from someone she doesn’t want to watch her kids to the only one Alison wants to talk to.

7. Hot Paul won us over with more than his looks.

Paul started out as Beth’s monitor, and while distraction sex was no stranger for Paul and Sarah-as-Beth, once he knew the truth, he chose to protect Sarah instead of turning her in. He has his own secrets and dark side – he’s working as a monitor because of his past – but I still found myself rooting for him and Sarah to work out.

8. The police aren’t totally incompetent.

Too often, the police completely miss something they shouldn’t have, and while Sarah-as-Beth does a good job of making sure they don’t find out some things, once she quits, Art and Deangelis do begin to put the pieces together.

9. Kira is adorable.

There’s just something about Kira, and the more you see of her, the more the mysteries will add up.

10. It’s very quotable.

Like I said above, Felix has the best lines on the show, but he’s not the only one. Alison may be a close second, especially when she’s drunk or high.

11. The twists just keep on coming.

Just when you think you know what’s going to happen, something else happens. Plus, there were no fillers in the first season, as there were only 10 episodes, and the series kept you on the edge of your seat up until the very last moment.

12. The season 2 cast photo above.

There are many clues to be found in the photo above, so have fun!

Readers, I now turn it over to you. There are many more reasons to watch this show, so what do you love the most about “Orphan Black”? What about the show pulled you into Clone Club?

Photo Courtesy of BBC AMERICA

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