MTV Challenges Social Behavior Again with Their New Reality Series “Virgin Territory”

In real life, the 40-year-old virgin is not commonly found among the people in your neighborhood. However, for the subjects of MTV’s latest reality series, “Virgin Territory,” there is plenty of proof that the post-high school virgin is not exactly a rare bird.

Right away in the series, we meet a group of young virgins, each with their own story. For 20-year-old Kyle, the only inexperienced member of his somewhat misogynist group of hard-partying male friends, his virginity is his deep dark secret. For Dominique, whose parents divorced not long ago and whose family has experienced a lot of unwanted pregnancy, her proud motto is “No ringy, no thingy!” Mikaela is open about her virginity and eager to unburden herself of it as soon as possible. Only wait-til-her-wedding-night Lisa knows exactly when and where her virginity will become obsolete.

Actually, Lisa seems more like a woman destined for the Green Mile than an eager young bride. Her camera diary reports come across like a countdown to doomsday. The only member of the premiere episode who is actually guaranteed to have sex, Lisa also has some amusing questions about the mechanics and logistics of the physical act – as in “What if I’m too tired?”

A devout Christian with a disabled veteran dad, Lisa has more of an air resignation than resolve. It would be interesting to see if this changes after having consummated her relationship with new husband Nick, but MTV already revealed Lisa won’t appear in any more episodes this season.

There are indications through conversations with other family members that there is plenty Dominique’s mother Kia hasn’t shared with her daughter, so it will be great to see how that relationship develops. Will Dominique stand up to her mother, or be able to restore their once-loving relationship? These are questions that are, for the moment, more compelling than whether or not Dominique will find someone she feels safe enough with to lose her virginity.

MTV has exposed the unfiltered lives of young people since the first “The Real World” aired in 1992 and they continue to push the limits with their reality series. The network has a surprisingly balanced way of both enticing and subtly educating their audience, as evidenced by recent studies that teen pregnancies have decreased since the popular “16 and Pregnant” series started airing in 2009. If nothing else, these young adults appearing in the “Virgin Territory” series are setting an important precedent for their peers that waiting to have sex doesn’t make you less of a man or woman, which is something a lot of young people need to hear.

Check out “Virgin Territory” Wednesday’s on MTV at 10:00 p.m. EST.

Photo: MTV
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