Mindy Kaling is Hilarious. Who Cares That She’s a Woman?

Screening and Lunch of FOX's "ben and kate" and "The Mindy Project"

The Mindy Project” is back (Mondays, 9 p.m.), audiences are hooked, FOX has renewed the show for a third season and basically everyone is GAME ON for Mindy, Danny, ups, downs and whatever no-holds-barred comedy is coming next.

So can we please stop hearing that Mindy Kaling is “funny for a girl?”

Girl, guy, or undeclared, we would all be lucky to have the comedy chops Mindy Kaling brings to the table every week (that is, every week the show isn’t on hiatus. FOX, stop messing with us!). “The Mindy Project” jokes about relationships, work, politics, race, girl issues, guy issues, medical issues and everything under the sun. It’s a show that people can watch and enjoy who are not “just girls.”

Obviously, it is fantastic that we are seeing more diversity in the writing, casting and production of primetime TV. Because having fewer stereotypes behind the desk and in front of the camera helps us all laugh a little easier. In shows like “The Mindy Project,” we see people who look more like us, sound more like people in our lives sound and tell more human and complex stories. Even when those stories are about the guy we liked, didn’t like, maybe liked, or have no idea what to do with. Real lives are often just that complicated (though not usually as funny at the time).

But the great thing about that diversity on television is that the diverse writers, directors, cast and crew ARE GOOD AT WHAT THEY DO. Not talented for a woman, talented for a person whose parents came from this country or that country. Talented for a Person Of Any Kind. Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kristin Wiig, and many more comedians have created some of the most hilarious work on the big and small screens in the last decade. And this is nothing new. TV would have been in a sad state without the influences of iconic talents of people like Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett. They weren’t “funny for a woman.” They were AMAZING. For anyone. And following in footsteps like those, Mindy Kaling is a talented Person. Period. Also following in the footsteps of Kaling’s previous writing on “The Office,” “The Mindy Project” is in good shape to keep us laughing for awhile still to come.

Bring on more Mindy, cheers to season 3 and Danny … Figure it out.


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