Mark Wahlberg Named As Host For The 2014 Nickelodeon “Kids’ Choice Awards”

Mark Wahlberg

Just days after Mark Wahlberg was featured in the debut trailer for the upcoming installment of “Transformers: Age Of Extinction,” he has been revealed as host of the 2014 Nickelodeon “Kids’ Choice Awards.”

“We are thrilled to welcome a superstar like Mark Wahlberg as he takes the helm as our master of ceremonies at the biggest kid event of the year,” Russell Hicks, Nickelodeon’s President of Content Development and Production, said in a statement. “We can’t wait for him to host and have lots of slime-filled fun with Hollywood’s biggest stars and our audience.”

Although Wahlberg has four children with wife Rhea Durham (Ella Rae, 10, Michael Robert, 7, Brendan Joseph, 5, and Grace Margaret, 4), he isn’t exactly someone people associate with children, and his “Kids’ Choice” gig has garnered some criticism.

The “Christian Science Monitor” stated that Wahlberg was “not a kid-friendly host” and wondered how he got the job in the first place.

“He has never been in a movie that was rated G. He’s only been in one movie that was rated PG (and that’s Invincible, which is hardly a kid classic),” a Vulture report pointed out. “He’s been in 9 PG-13 movies and 22 R-rated movies — and those are some hard Rs in there, too, like Boogie Nights, The Departed, The Fighter, and Ted.”

As for the kids watching, they might not be on board with Wahlberg as host either, at least not the girls. After all, during a recent appearance on “Conan,” Wahlberg committed a huge crime in the minds of children; he threatened to beat up One Direction’s Harry Styles!

“My four-year-old’s going, ‘Daddy, I like Harry,’ and I’m like, ‘Well I’m gonna punch Harry in the nose when I see him,'” he said. “She pulls out pictures of him and she’s hiding pictures in the room, and I pretend I’m ripping them up and I get jealous. But if I see that little pr*ck, he’s gonna get it.”

Wahlberg seems to be well aware of the criticism the role has gotten thus far and made an interesting move just days after the announcement was made; he attended the premiere of the new animated film “The Lego Movie” with his family, posing on the red carpet with his wife and kids on Saturday, February 1.

The “Kids’ Choice Awards” will air live on Nickelodeon from Los Angeles on Saturday, March 29.

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