Mariah Carey Claims ‘American Idol’ Was Like “Working In Hell With Satan”


Mariah Carey joined the judges panel of American Idol for the show’s twelfth season in late 2012. Right away, the pop star butted heads with fellow judge and rapper Nicki Minaj, and their feud quickly took center stage when the show debuted in January of 2013.

Needless to say, Mariah didn’t return to the series for season 13 and chose to instead focus on her music career, as did Nicki.

Now, Mariah is looking back at the experience and from the sound of things, her experience was just as bad as it seemed on TV.

“Honestly, I hated it,” Mariah explained during a new interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez. “Here’s what it was … I was the first person signed on … Heaven forbid people [think] I’m saying something negative … I thought it was going to be a three-person panel. They gave me a nice, dangling monetary moment, and I was just like, ‘OK, Randy Jackson will be there. I’ve known him forever. He used to play bass for me. Like, this isn’t a big deal. This will be nothing.’ But it wasn’t that. It was like hell, going to work every day in hell with Satan.”

Although Mariah thought that she would be one of three, sitting alongside Randy Jackson and Keith Urban, she was actually one of four and the “Satan” she is referring to is her fellow diva, Nicki Minaj.

Following her “Satan” comment which surely took listeners by surprise, Mariah tried to take it back, telling Angie, “Nah, I’m just playing. It didn’t affect me that much … I was just disappointed.”

In addition to Mariah’s grievances regarding her working environment, she did enjoy her time with the contestants, at least for the most part, and never liked seeing them go — especially when they deserved to stay.

“You know what I loved? I loved the contestants,” Mariah said. “It was disappointing when they would, for political reasons, not put people through. I’m like, ‘I don’t have to sit here and do this. I would prefer to just put this person in the studio and record a record with them or tell another producer [to produce them] … But you know, that’s the way it is on that kind of TV thing. I like being in the studio better and doing my own tours, et cetera. So we’re going back to that.”

Meanwhile, American Idol is undergoing a bit of a reboot with a new judges panel which will consist of Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr. Keith Urban will also be back, as will Randy Jackson who will replace Jimmy Iovine as the in-house mentor.

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