LeBron James Transcends the NBA and Scores His Own Sitcom on Starz

LeBron James Sitcom

Having won his second NBA championship this year LeBron James has not been shy when talking about the unlikely nature of his journey – reaching world fame, a multi-million dollar salary and lucrative endorsement deals after growing up in the inner city.

LeBron james plans to explore that theme as the executive producer of a new show on Starz, titled, Survivor’s Remorse which will delve into the lives of two men from the inner city who achieve both fame and wealth. The show plans to explore how they deal with their family and friends after obtaining fame.

This 30 minute sitcom will be a change for the Starz network whose previous original series have been intense dramas including The White Queen and Spartacus.

What do you think? Will you be tuning in to Survivor’s Remorse?

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