Learn About America: Watch The Simpsons (or Friday Night Lights)

The Simpsons and AmericaIf you wanted to learn about America through TV, both historically and culturally, what show should you watch? That question was recently brought up and the answer is just as diverse and intricate as the country it aims to educate about. However, if we look a bit into the various answers from people around the United States, we see two primary shows make an appearance repeatedly: The Simpsons or Friday Night Lights. When you look at either show you see the culture and history of America represented in both obvious and succinct methods. Essentially both of these shows are representing the history of the United States. The Simpsons, on one hand, has been on the air since 1989. Over the past 22 years the cartoon has covered historical and recent topics that are important for America and the history of the country. Everything from capitalism, and the Patriot Act, to the average American attention span, health care, and the 4th of July. If you wanted to learn a thing or two about America all you would have to do is take note of the subtleties that the Simpsons airs weekly (and has been doing for more than two decades now). On the other hand the show Friday Night Lights gives a glimpse into what American life is like. Small towns, high school, relationships, and a bit of politics are covered in realistic ways on the show, and as one of the highest rated shows in the past decade, Friday Night Lights makes it’s case for representing America in a very authentic way. Still, there’s so much more that The Simpsons offers in terms of an inside look at the average American life (if you can, of course, look past all of the witty and downright unrealistic events that often occur on the show). To put it simply, we’ll quote Quora user Mario Sundar who said it best by writing: “It explores the American dream, lifestyle, pop-culture, what made us happy, what made us tick, what disappointed us, our love, our lives, and how America impacted the world during those golden years. This is it.”

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