Is TV better, or worse, than 10 years ago? Vote now!

It used to be that television was all about the family. There was T.G.I.F on Friday nights, ABC Family movies on Sundays, and family-focused shows every other day of the week. Now days it seems that most of what’s on TV is about pushing boundaries, having fun, and living “the dream”. But does that mean TV has gone down the drain, or do you think television has improved over the past ten years? To find an answer, we’re asking you, dear reader, to cast your vote and help us find out once and for all: have TV shows gotten better during the last 10 years? You can cast your vote right here or over on our Quipol page. Get your vote in and be sure to tell your friends to vote too. We’ll review the poll results and comments in a few days and share them with you in a unique way.

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