Is Tara the Next Major Character to Die on ‘Sons of Anarchy?’

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After that whole faked pregnancy and miscarriage thing between Gemma and Tara on “Sons of Anarchy,” it seems that Charming only has enough room for one motorcycle diva, and one has to go… there ain’t no fixing this fight between these two. Given that Gemma is played by Katey Sagal, who just happens to be married to the show creator, I think it’s pretty safe to put your money on Tara as the next major character to go on a permanent vacation, if you know what I mean.

On last week’s episode, Gemma finally convinced Jax that she’d been set up by Tara, and there is going to be as serious reckoning coming. Wayne made Jax promise that no would get hurt if he got him evidence in the form of a confession by Tara’s lawyer, but that doesn’t include Gemma. And I think we all know how nasty she can be: remember way back in season one when she slipped a syringe full of heroin into Wendy’s hospital room to try to get her to overdose and kill herself?

This is not a nice motorcycle mama.

Photos from the upcoming episode of “Sons of Anarchy” show Gemma bonding with Wendy, but is it real, or is it just another ploy by Gemma to get revenge on Tara and Wendy for helping Tara initially. The fact that Wendy is coming around to Gemma’s side probably won’t carry too much weight with Gemma given the enormous gravity of the scam those two tried to pull off.

If Gemma wants to kill two birds with one stone, this is how she does it: she promises Wendy that her way back into their graces and to getting her own son back is to kill Tara. She makes it sound like Wendy will be protected and get away with it but sets her up instead. (I mean, this is the woman who set up her own husband, Clay, to take the fall for a murder he didn’t commit.) If Gemma pulls it off, Tara is dead and Wendy goes to prison. That means both boys’ natural mothers are out of the picture and no one can take those boys away from Gemma again.

And if Gemma has shown us anything, she’s smart enough and evil enough to do it just that way. Her only loyalties are to those boys and Jax. And if it came down to pick one or the other, she would probably choose those little boys over Jax as well.

Sure, Tara says she wants to save the boys, but she pulls this miscarriage stunt even as Jax struggles to get the club out of gunrunning and into legitimate businesses. Given that “Sons of Anarchy” deals a lot with a weird kind of morality and suffering the consequences of your actions, do you think that Tara has fallen from grace and become the very thing she hates–as conniving and scheming as Gemma? Do you think Tara will be killed, and if she is, does she have it coming?

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