Is a Spinoff Coming for Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright of “Party Down South”?


After Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright was CMT’s “Party Down South” star for two seasons, the pint-sized reality star reportedly quit the series.

“Lil Bit – one of the show’s biggest stars – has quit, and it has nothing to do with money,” TMZ reported. “[Wright] told producers she’s quitting because she fears for her safety with all the craziness that goes on in the house.”

TMZ also claimed Wright’s “strong religious beliefs” were a reason for her leaving, as she allegedly believes the show undermines her relationship with Jesus.

While fans everywhere are reeling at the thought of not seeing her on the show again, we think there could be more Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright coming to TV soon.

In May, one month before the series’ season two premiere, CMT executive VP development Jayson Dinsmore spoke to The Hollywood Reporter, revealing plans for a possible spinoff.

“There are a couple things I like about the ability to develop a franchise like this,” Dinsmore said. “It becomes a farm system to mature characters for the long run. We could have multiple spinoffs and we could also find ourselves in a scenario where we have enough cast members to do something like a challenge series.”

When the plan was first announced, it was unclear who the network could possibly move forward with, but now that Wright is said to be leaving the show, it’s a definite possibility she could be the chosen one.

In looking at the role Wright has taken on, it almost feels unlikely that she would not get a spinoff, if that is the direction the network takes. According to many, Wright is the Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi (who currently stars in her own spinoff, “Snooki & JWoww”) of the show, so if anyone deserves a spinoff, it is her.

Adding to the speculation of a Wright spinoff is the fact that she reportedly said she wouldn’t do “Party Down South” – even for $1 million. Our thought is why would someone turn down $1 million if they didn’t have something else lined up?

Currently, the rest of the cast — Mattie Breaux, Josh Murray, Lyle Boudreaux and Lauren White — is signed on for the upcoming third season.

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