Insane Television Interviews You Won’t Soon Forget – As Told by The Reddit Community

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Can you remember the last insane television interview you saw? The Reddit community decided to share links to their own favorites, and long strands of comments about each interview followed.

Here are three of the most memorable interviews in the forum.

1. Jon Stewart on “Crossfire”

Jon Stewart was invited to be on ”Crossfire” in 2004 as he was promoting his new book, “America (The Book),” and he was presumed to either be the funniest smart man on television or the smartest funny man, which was to be determined by his appearance on the show. And did he ever take advantage of the show to really get in some digs about both the show and the current state of the country.

One quote was prompted by the host’s question about whether or not John Kerry was “the best the Democrats can do.” Stewart responded, “I’d always thought in a democracy, and again, I don’t know, I’ve only lived in this country […].” The joke was quick and subtle and garnered very few laughs, but the statement was both clear and hilarious to anyone who caught it.

Later in the interview, Stewart made outright outlandish but humorous remarks about the very show he was on as well. Following up a statement about Al Sharpton’s speaking style in the Democratic primary and how certain shows, like this one, tend to be all over it.

“I made a special effort to come on this show today because I have, privately amongst my friends and also in occasional newspapers and television shows, mentioned this show as being bad, and I felt that that wasn’t fair, and I should come here and tell you that it’s not so much that it’s bad as it’s hurting America. […] Here’s what I wanted to tell you guys: Stop. Stop, stop stop. Stop hurting America. […] See, the thing is, we need your help. Right now, you’re helping the politicians and the corporations while we’re out there mowing our lawns. You are part of their strategies. You are partisan, what do you call it, hacks.”

This was a bit more outright and generated much more laughter from the crowd, as well as attempted rebuttals from the hosts. But Stewart’s position had been clearly made, and he was only a few minutes into the interview. This certainly makes it one of the most insane and funny interviews in recent memory.

2. Steve-O on “Too Late with Adam Carolla”

A particularly insane but less intelligent or intelligible interview, British stunt actor Steve-O’s appearance on “Too Late with Adam Carolla” quickly became Too Drunk With Adam Carolla. The interview immediately begins with Steve-O yelling obscenities and making other loud noises while Carolla carefully tries to reel him in to start the interview.

After repeatedly declaring his love for Carolla, Steve-O later climbs on top of Carolla sitting his chair and begins pushing the chair both back and over as Carolla struggles to remain upright. He even has to replace his mic with a hand mic because Steve-O knocked his original one off.

While Carolla tries desperately to get Steve-O to take some phone calls on the show, Steve-O lifts his leg and smashes the table in front of him. Soon after, Carolla announces that they will be calling for the assistance of security and let the Jimmy Kimmel show play out for the rest of the slot, as Steve-O yells and flails around, thus abruptly end the interview. For anyone watching live, it was a pretty unbelievable sight—and for many, one that was very difficult to watch.

3. Tom Cruise on “Oprah”

Out of these three, surely everyone remembers Tom Cruise’s interview on “Oprah.” She asks about whether or not he enjoyed the Legends Ball she hosted that he attended with his new wife, Katie Holmes, a marriage which had already inspired much media analysis. His reactions in this interview only sought to create much, much more.

Following that question, Cruise is leaping to his feet, flailing his arms about in victorious positions, kneeling on the ground, all of which he explains as, “I’m in love.” This behavior continues throughout the interview, culminating in the infamous couch-jumping scene. He also grabs Oprah’s hands and shakes her repeatedly, explaining his behavior by saying, “I have so much energy, I can’t help it.”

He then heads backstage to get Holmes and pull her on stage for a screaming crowd. They hug and kiss on stage, and Oprah cuts to commercial. The media harped on this interview for weeks, claiming that Tom had gone raving mad since falling for Holmes, and maybe they were right, as this crazy interview might suggest.

Insane television interviews happen from time to time, whether they’re smart and insulting remarks from Jon Stewart or crazy behavior from Tom Cruise. These are just a few of the favorites from the Reddit crowd for you to reminisce about and enjoy.

What was your favorite?

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