Infographic. Who Owns What You Watch on TV?

Do you know who really owns the stuff you’re watching on TV? When you sit down to watch something and you see the channel logo hovering in the corner of the screen, which company is behind it? Take a look at the infographic we’ve compiled to see which big businesses own the stuff you watch on TV. You can even embed the graphic on your own blog or website using the code at the bottom of this post.

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  • curious george

    uhh…. News Corp, anyone? enlightening exclusion.

  • Peter Faur

    I used this infographic on my website. (Thanks, by the way.) I got the same question that Curious George is asking above: Why is Fox not included in the infographic? Can you comment? Thanks.

  • Tanner

    An important oversight that… we missed! We’ll look into tweaking the graphic to include the all-mighty News Corp of course.

    • Peter Faur

      Thanks, Tanner!