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  1. “Person of Interest” Keeps Hope Alive for Shaw — What Happens Next?


    TV writers are much more gung-ho about drastic changes than their show’s audiences. “Person of Interest” fans had a tough time dealing with the loss of Detective Carter (Taraji P….

  2. Hit or Disaster? Upcoming TV pilots That Could Go Either Way


    Networks take a risk on every new series pilot, and it can be tough to predict when a perfect storm of good writing, cast chemistry, and timing create a hit….

  3. HBO and Time Warner Make a Bold Move

    In the news this morning, the incredibly popular HBO channel announced its intention to offer a standalone, web-only service in 2015. While this gets many cable lovers fantasizing about cutting…

  4. The Supreme Court Case That Will Change TV Forever

    For the past two years, the streaming TV startup Aereo has provided access to online streaming of live broadcast television, but the startup received criticism from broadcasters and cable companies….

  5. Bad Timing Could Cost AT&T Millions of Dollars

    By acting too early, AT&T may have driven up the price on one of DIRECTV’s featured assets, NFL SUNDAY TICKET. On May 18, AT&T announced it was purchasing DIRECTV for…

  6. The Hot Debate Over The Future of Television Advertising: Commercials vs. Product Placement

    Nearly two years ago, DISH landed in hot water with a number of major television networks that sued the company over the automatic ad-skipping technology offered by its powerful DVR,…

  7. More Channels Means Higher Quality Shared Experiences

    It used to be that the biggest shows on television were national events, cultural experiences shared by everyone with a television set. That’s because those sets could only pick up…

  8. No, Netflix and Hulu are Not Killing Cable

    Perhaps we could excuse a little journalistic sensationalism, but to claim “Netflix and Hulu Are Starting to Kill Cable” is either naïve or dishonest. We’ve heard that claim a lot…

  9. The Online Streaming Shift: How TV Networks Are Adapting

    Girls HBO

    Streaming video is the latest media phenomenon and, as statistics and trends report, it’s not going anywhere. As of 2012, 100 million Americans watched online videos per day, which is…

  10. Reports of Cable’s Death from Netflix are Wildly Exaggerated


    Over the course of the past decade, streaming video has taken the place of downloading and file sharing as the chief perceived online threat to established media concerns. As the…