If Breaking Bad History Has Taught Us Anything, Skyler or Jesse Will Die

Breaking Bad Season 5 Finale

Vince Gilligan has been “cooking” up wicked story lines since the premiere of “Breaking Bad” in 2008.

“My fondest hope for how the ending will be received is: people watch it, they think about it, they’re silent for a moment, they turn the TV off, they sit there and they ponder it and they say, ‘I guess that’s the right ending. I guess that’s the way it had to be’,” he said.

Depending on who your favorite characters are (Jesse, Walt, Skyler…obviously not the latter) the ending may not be as satisfying as you like.

Based on a proven theory, Heisenberg seems to take traits after those who he kills — a typical characteristic of serial killers. Maybe it’s Mr. White’s way of paying tribute to those who’s lives he’s stolen, or maybe, it’s Gilligan’s way of alluding to what may happen in the final few episodes of “Breaking Bad”.

Crazy 8

While Crazy 8 was chained up by a bicycle lock in Jesse’s basement, Walt made him a sandwich. Crazy 8 didn’t eat the crusts — odd for someone being kept captive and barely being fed. Regardless, Walt next made him another sandwich with the crusts cut off. After that point in the series, when making his own lunches, Walt also cut the crusts off his bread.


In season four, Walt and Mike meet at a bar; Ermantraut orders his drink on the rocks, while White orders his neat. After killing Mike, Hank offers Walt a drink at the police station. Walt asks for it on the rocks. Also noticed: one of the cars that Walt is driving in the season five part two premiere is the same model as Ermantraut’s.

Gus Fring

In season four, Gustavo Fring gets his revenge on the cartel by poisoning all their tequila shots. He does the shots with them as well, but takes an antidote and is rushed to a makeshift first aid station. While everyone else is dying, to ensure his safety from the poisoned liquid, he calmly goes to the bathroom, sets up a toil in front of the toilet, and makes himself vomit. Walt, in season five, does the exact same sequence, from the side effects of his chemo. Also to note: in the season five premiere, Walt is driving a Volvo — just like Gustavo Fring.

Based on these theories, it seems likely that Walt could kill Jesse, or Skyler, or both.


In the premiere of season five, Walt is wearing the same raggedy coat that Jesse wore midway through the series. Now unless the clothing budget for the show was reached, this could be a tell that Walt in the end is going to murder Jesse. Also, for his 52nd birthday, Walt leaves the very generous tip of $100 at Denny’s for his waitress — Jesse has also been known to discard his drug money (to the slums of the ABQ, not to friendly servers).


At Denny’s, Walt rearranges his bacon in the form of his age, 52, for his birthday. Skyler did the exact same thing for him on his 50th. Also, when revealing his ID (from New Hampshire…what?!) to his waitress at Denny’s for his free birthday meal, he’s used Skyler’s maiden name which we saw on their divorce papers. 99% of fans hope this theory comes true. The other 1% are lying.

We know that Walt goes back for the ricin, but who will he use it on? Will he kill himself? Or will he die naturally of cancer and leave all the money for his family, all according to the pilot episode’s plan? There’s also the new color theory to consider, though it may be far-fetched. However Gilligan and the writers chose to complete “Breaking Bad”, one of the most intriguing television shows of all time, fans will be sure to be silent for a moment, turn the TV off…and sit there.


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