Norman Reedus Says “The Fear is Back in Season 4″, Are You Ready?

Norman Reedus The Walking Dead

Season four of The Walking Dead is right around the corner, which has many fans out there salivating in anticipation. Fan favorite, Norman Reedus recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly and teased, “[…] I think the fear is back in season 4, which is awesome to see people afraid again. That’s really the dynamic that we’re playing with this whole season so far.”

Last season we saw 4 of the main cast die sad and gruesome deaths, more of which we can bank on seeing during season 4. Andrew Lincoln also spoke with EW and confirmed that there are about 50 new characters this season a huge increase from the band of about 10 that existed at the end of season 3.

We know, with all of those teasers, you are probably bursting with excitement and can’t wait for October 13th to roll around. Here at have a bit of an appetizer for you all, Zombiefied!


We took on this project because of the overwhelming support Walking Dead fans showed during our initial Facebook poll. The people spoke, we listened, and Zombified was born. Once our show had been chosen, we wanted to do something unique, something no one else had done. We decided on a behind-the-scenes approach that showed how much work and thought go into creating the frightening walkers that make the show so great. We got a good look at all the makeup, special effects, and coaching that goes into each and every walker, including the very popular “French kiss walker”.

During our research we came across some awesome facts and finds, like the fact that walkers must attend Zombie School. All in all, we found over 100 facts and figures that help shed some light on what has made The Walking Dead so successful.

So, go check out Zombified to hold you over until the season four premiere finally arrives. You might even learn how to get your zombie walk on, just in time for Halloween.

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