HBO Girls Gif Guide to Dating in Your 20s

Being in your 20s isn’t easy. Infinite parties and late nights are accompanied by endless insecurities, self-doubt and bad decisions you can only hope to look back on fondly when you hit the big 3-0. What to wear, what to eat, omg, WTF is wrong with my hair? Checking to be able to plan an evening in Manhattan. Do you stay in Greenpoint for coffee or venture to the Grown-up Neighborhood of Cobble Hill? Then there is the constant struggle of keeping all of your friends as allies. Then, the linchpin that seemingly keeps all the planets aligned is how well you manage your romantic relationship(s). Here’s the HBO GIRLS (gif) guide to dating in your 20s.

1. Make sure you scope out a potential date location beforehand. You don’t want the place lit like a Nordstrom Rack dressing room.

HBO Girls

2. Don’t wear something you bought off etsy on a first date, in fact, avoid wearing all etsy purchases until you know the level of kitsch and craft he’s willing to tolerate.

HBO girls guide to dating

3. Sometimes it’s okay to date the crazy ones.

HBO Girls Adam Gif

4. Just be prepared knowing that you will look and feel like crap day after the date.

HBO girls gif

5. Sometimes, in need, it’s okay to make out with your friends…in the sundries isle of your local bodega.

Lena Dunham Girls

6. Know how to read a guy’s inferred messages. Basically, they all interpret into: let’s go back to your place.

Ray Girls Gif

7. Even though the person you’re with at this very moment is the only person you can imagine ever being with forever and all eternity, don’t be afraid to call a spade a spade – there will be more, and more, aaaand more.

 Hannah Horvath Gif

8. Don’t douple dip. Some chips only have one bite in them.

Hannah Girls Gif

9. Again, don’t be afraid of the crazy ones. Just mildly apprehensive and always know where all the emergency exits are located.

Crack Spirit Guide

10. Just to be fair – be equally apprehensive of the normal ones as you are the crazy ones.

Hannah Horvath Ted Bundy

Hannah Horvath Brownstone

11. Lastly, BE WHO YOU IS!

Girls HBO gif

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