Haylie Duff Lands a Gig as Host of Cooking Show “Real Girl’s Kitchen”

Haylie Duff

Seven years after her role in “7th Heaven,” Haylie Duff has been tapped to host “Real Girl’s Kitchen” on the Cooking channel.

The series, which was picked up for 10 episodes, is based on Duff’s popular food blog where she chronicles trips to the farmer’s market, dishes on her dinner parties, as well as shares recipes and reviews restaurants around the country.

“Viewers have always come to Cooking Channel for smart, curious, adventurous and authentic personalities,” Michael Smith, general manager of the network, said in a statement. “When you watch Real Girl’s Kitchen, it is easy to see why Haylie is the perfect fit.”

Adds the digital outlet’s CEO Jon Housman, “We’re giving viewers an inside look at her kitchen, her favorite foods, and her life, which I think will have enormous appeal.”

Although Duff hosting a cooking show may seem like an odd idea to the average viewer, Duff has actually been working with food for years — and has a huge following when it comes to her dishes (14.5k followers on Twitter and 8.3k friends on Facebook).

On her blog, Duff is referred to as a “self taught cook” who has “honed her skill simply through trial and error,” as opposed to learning through books or in school.

“I started cooking for my friends and family and realized people loved my recipes! So, I decided to share them and started The Real Girl’s Kitchen blog,” Duff revealed on the site. “I wasn’t always great in the kitchen…I made alot of mistakes! But I wasn’t giving up.”

After perfecting her hobby, Duff began writing for HelloGiggles, Huffington Post and SheKnows, sharing what she has discovered through her food experiments and experiences.

In her author profile for Huffington Post, the site proclaims, “Haylie’s unique perspective on clean eating and easy preparation is quickly making her one of the premiere tastemakers in food blogging. Her light hearted and conversational style of writing has made her blog, Real Girl’s Kitchen, and her weekly contributions to Hello Giggles must read content for food fans of all ages.”

Of her new show, Duff explained, “Each episode is different, and a love letter to Los Angeles. We’ll visit my good friend Ernesto [Uchimura] at the restaurant Plan Check to learn how to make the perfect burger, or hang out in Malibu in my trailer at the trailer park at Paradise Cove. It’s a loose format. I just want people to go on culinary adventures with me.”

Haylie Duff’s “Real Girl’s Kitchen” premieres in June.

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