Friday Night TV is Ladies’ Night on NBC: The Hot Guys of ‘Grimm’ and ‘Dracula’


No date on Friday night, ladies? Settle in for a steaming plate of beefcake with a two-hour block of tasty testosterone on NBC: Specifically, “Grimm” and “Dracula.” Pop up some popcorn or get out that pint of Häagen-Dazs ice cream and let’s turn up the heat with some Friday night TV.


Let’s start with the lead actor of this series, David Giuntoli. As Detective Nick Burkhardt, Giuntoli lands solidly in the category of one of the good guys, at least when he’s not under the influence of a zombie drug as he was in the premiere for this season. Call me crazy, but that sorta animalistic version of Giuntoli was pretty hot, too. Sorta “Me Tarzan, you Jane”…if you take out the homicidal tendencies. Anyway, the “normal” Giuntoli has that baby-faced, all-American thing going on. But that man can also rock a beard, as evidenced in recent promotional photos and the video below.

He’s just pretty. Too, too pretty.

If that’s not your type, check out Giuntoli’s partner in crime fighting, Russell Hornsby. As Burkhart’s partner Hank, the poor guy hasn’t been too lucky in love, unwittingly hooking up with a very bad witch–a real witch, not the metaphorical kind. So, yeah, he’s very single.

As if that wasn’t enough hot guy overload in one show, check out their boss, played by Sasha Roiz. While he may have a somewhat smaller role in the show, or at least less screen time in previous seasons, he made the ladies stand up and take notice during the infamous “shirtless rage” scene last season. Apparently, when you drink a purification potion it’s really painful… So painful you gotta rip your shirt off, buttons and all.

I think everyone familiar with this scene is on board with me when I say we need a lot more potions like that on TV. And a lot more guys like Roiz. In an interview with costar Bitsie Tulloch, she divulged that we can expect to see more shirtless rage this season, possibly in another cast member.

Seriously, if you aren’t already watching the show, what else will convince you?

Then after “Grimm,” NBC segues right into its new series, “Dracula.”

Dracula - Season 1

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers… that’s all you need right? Okay, if you’re not convinced by that, everyone knows vampires have traditionally been seriously sexy, despite some recent glittery vampires that have given vampirism a bad name. Well, our boy here goes back to the roots of good old vampire movies, like Sir Christopher Lee. Now, no one makes a sexier vampire than Lee –let’s say that right up front–but at least Rhys-Meyers follows that tradition. You know, where you root for the vampire and cry when he’s killed. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

The show itself is maybe a little light in the areas of plot and good writing, but hey, when you have such eye candy, why do you care?

Oliver Jackson-Cohen Makes a fine Jonathan Harker, but let’s face it, his character is a little boring. On the other hand, Van Helsing, played by Thomas Kretschmann, so rocks that worldly, mature gentlemen thing. But in this show, it’s all about Rhys-Meyers.

So if you’re bored Friday night with no parties or dates, curl up on the couch with some of the hottest guys on Friday night TV.


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