Free What's on TV Tonight widget!

Have you ever wondered what’s on TV during the week? Of course you have, at least once or twice. To find out what’s on TV you have to usually flip on the TV or do a Google search and browse around until you see something interesting. Today that changes. We’re excited to release the new “What’s on TV” widget by cabletvcom! Every day the widget updates with the best shows on TV during the night, and it’s updated automatically so you don’t have to worry about staying up-to-date. The widget is free for you to use on your own blog or website. To get the widget visit the official widget page and copy the code, then paste it onto your own website and voila! Rather than browsing your TV guide or looking around the internet, you can now visit your own website or blog and instantly see the top hits of what’s on TV. Pretty cool, right?

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  • Anonymous

    This Widget is harder to find than Bigfoot! Neither of the links on this page take me there. The link to ” official widget page ” goes to: no code there… The “Get this widget for your site.” link goes to your blog..???

    And there’s a broken image in the widget on this page, right under the “What’s on TV Tonight?” link at the top of the widget.. It has been like this for at least a month. Any plans on fixin’ this stuff? to quote Larry THE Cable Guy: “Get er done!” Thanx, BPS