“Flowers in the Attic” Sequel on Lifetime… WTF!


In 1987, the infamously popular novel by V.C. Andrews, “Flowers in the Attic,” was first adapted to film. It’s a rather revolting story riddled with incest, greed, abuse and family dysfunction. If you were fortunate enough to have missed it the first time around, which we hope you did, you were given a second chance when Lifetime released the television adaptation in January, which drew in quite a buzz.

Even before the first airing of the “Flowers in the Attic” television film adaptation, Lifetime announced the sequel, “Petals on the Wind,” would air in May. This left many people scratching their heads and wondering “WTF?!”

Why is this twisted story so popular?

It seems Lifetime may be cashing in on the “sequel syndrome” usually constrained to Hollywood. Let’s just say it should have stayed in Hollywood and saved us all from this filth! Of course, money is a strong motivator, but why have fans responded with such enthusiasm to these perverted scribblings of an old woman?

Perhaps one of the reasons for “Flowers in the Attic’s” popularity is that the story is supposedly based on truth. This supposed-truth may make it seem less absurd and of slightly more real world consequence, be it no less eerie. That, and the fact that the book was banned from some schools in the ‘80s and ‘90s due to its explicit plot line of two siblings who have a sexual obsession with each other, may have created an audience for it.

However, “Flowers in the Attic” does have a way of capturing viewers’ emotions, evoking sympathy through the story’s main protagonists, Chris and Cathy, and the reader/viewer finds themselves rooting for the pair almost in spite of the disgust they feel toward their actions. After all, they are poor traumatized children who are abused by all their living family. Part two sees them grow to become a misery in others’ lives too.

Why has Lifetime made the sequel “Petals on the Wind”?

The second installment, “Petals on the Wind,” is set to be no less strange and disgusting than its prequel. It follows the twisted story of the Dollanganger family, 10 years after they have escaped from their grandparents’ attic at Foxworth Hall, and their continuous struggle to keep their sordid past a secret. No doubt the movie will also appeal to sadists due to the multiple injustices done to the characters.

The story is set in the South in the 1970s and is about the siblings trying to get on with their lives, while haunted by their resentment and need for revenge for their mother’s abuse. They’ve stumbled upon widower Dr. Paul Sheffield, who has an alarming past of his own. He takes them in and begins a relationship with Cathy. Nope, that doesn’t sound creepy at all!

Thankfully, this particular filth occurs in the first half of the book, which is prior to when the movie picks up, so we might not be subjected to it in the film, although flashbacks are a favorite tool for low budget productions. Be warned!

In the melodramatic part two, you can expect further heartache, miscarriages, seduction, abusive relationships, as well as thwarted love and deception. Indeed, these melodramatic novel themes are bound to attract readers. Need we even mention incest? Further insanity ensues while Cathy finds lust/love in all the wrong places. She really does need to find a new hobby!

Heather Graham will reprise her role as the mother, Corrine, Ellen Burstyn as the Grandmother, while Rose McIver and Wyatt Nash will be replacing Kiernan Shipka and Mason Dye as Cathy and Christopher Dollanganger, and Dylan Bruce will star as Corrine’s new husband, Bart Winslow.

The “Petals on the Wind” premiere is slated for Monday, May 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

Photo: Danny Feld/Lifetime
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