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  1. Can Vampire Elijah’s Noble Side Bring Him Redemption?


    “The Vampire Diaries” first posed the question of whether someone as evil as Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is redeemable. That question still lingers, but this season of “The Originals” turns the…

  2. “Worst Cooks in America” Makes for Best TV


    Make no mistake – there is a glut of cooking shows on TV. From competitions of every shape and size to helpful, how-to demo shows, it may be hard to…

  3. Three Reasons We’re Already Missing “Justified”


    We’re into the final season of “Justified” and it’s going to be tough to say goodbye. This gritty drama brought wit and excitement to basic cable, creating an Old West…

  4. “The Americans” Deserves To Be in Your Queue


    In recent weeks, we have all been bombarded with intriguing commercials for the new season of “The Americans.” This is a show I’ve heard is good. Really good, in fact….

  5. Mad Women: The Predicted Future of “Mad Men’s” Leading Ladies


    The men may have debuted as the stars of AMC’s “Mad Men” but, as we near the final episodes of the series, it’s a women’s world. Don’s still a womanizing…

  6. Superbowl or Academy Awards as 2015 Ultimate Showdown?

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    It’s the time of year when the sweaty clash of competitors battling for domination takes over the national mindset, parties are planned, and TVs are super-sized. No one wants to…

  7. Will “Arrow” Fans Finally Get the Olicity They Crave?


    A photo posted by Arrow (@cw_arrow) on Sep 3, 2014 at 4:26pm PDT When Oliver (Stephen Amell) returned from his five-year Island exile, he stirred up a tidal wave of…

  8. “Agent Carter” Ass-Kicking Women in a Man’s World


    A photo posted by Agent Carter (@agent_carter) on May 13, 2014 at 9:20am PDT So goes the tagline for “Agent Carter,” and every action-packed moment and snappy comeback proves the…

  9. Will Rusty Ever Be Safe on TNT’s “Major Crimes”?


    When “Major Crimes” serial killer Phillip Stroh (Billy Burke) got his lawyer friend to put a can of compressed air in front of him, we knew escape was imminent. Just…

  10. Less People Cheering for “Glee” Encore


    The shine is starting to wear off on the piano, and “Glee” is starting to get desperate for ratings in its final season on FOX. From awful hoaxes to recycled…