“Doctor Who”: The Clothes Make the Timelord


Doctor Who

They say the clothes make the man and the same can be said of our favorite Time Lord. Over the past fifty years of “Doctor Who,” our favorite time-traveling alien has taken on different reincarnations, all of whom have their own personality and style.

There has been much excitement over the revelation of the new Doctor’s latest costume. Peter Capalidi has described the ensemble, which consists of a dark blue Crombie coat with a striking red interior and a plain white shirt, as: “Simple, stark and back to basics. No frills, no scarf, no messing, just 100 percent Rebel Time Lord.”

So just how important is the wardrobe when it comes to “Doctor Who?” Let’s take a look at past Doctors and their signature styles and reflect on how much a simple article of clothing can define a character’s personality.

1. William Hartnell


William Hartnell began his stint as Time Lord at 55, the oldest actor to portray the character until the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, who is also 55. Hartnell’s Doctor wore a long dress coat, tweed waistcoat, ribbon tie and pocket watch on a fob chain. His grandfatherly apparel definitely matched his more protective nature and guarded personality.

2. Patrick Troughton


The Second Doctor was more of a clown and his clothes definitely reflected that. His wardrobe consisted of over sized coats, shirts with huge collars and baggy plaid pants.

3. Jon Pertwee


The Third Doctor can quite simply be described as “dashing” and that is definitely evident in this incarnation’s choice of apparel. Frilly shirts and velvet jackets were a must, as well as a cloak and pinky ring.

4. Tom Baker


Perhaps one of the most iconic pieces of clothing in the Doctor Who world is the ridiculously long striped scarf worn by Tom Baker. With his wide-brimmed fedora and autumn colors, his was definitely a more Bohemian looking Doctor, which matched the younger, eccentric personality of the fourth Doctor.

5. Peter Davison


With a human-like innocence and vulnerability, the Fifth Doctor’s wardrobe choice was much tamer and quite a bit safer than his predecessors. If you call a beige suit with red piping, striped pants and a celery stick on the lapel tame. But in comparison with what comes next, it’s downright plain.

6. Colin Baker


The manic design of the Sixth Doctor’s multi-colored and mismatched suit is a reflection of his equally manic and sarcastic nature. You would expect no less from such an elaborate personality.

7. Sylvester McCoy


A Time Lord who loved strategy, science and time travel, it seems to reason that the Seventh Doctor’s wardrobe would reflect the uncertainty and complexity that such matters entail, with question marks everywhere.

8. Paul McGann


At a quick glance, it is hard to tell if you are watching Doctor Who or a Jane Austen romance when you look at Paul McGann as the Doctor. Much more sensitive than all other incarnations, the Eight Doctor’s classic and romantic wardrobe reflects such.

9. Christoper Eccleston


Emotionally scarred by his role in the Time War, the Eighth Doctor was much more detached, though he could still be playful at times. His signature leather coat reflected a somewhat detached and scarred past.

10. David Tennant


The Tenth Doctor reflected a much more manic, outgoing personality and his thirst for adventure and playful energy were exhibited in his smart suits and Converse sneakers.

11. Matt Smith


Though played by the youngest actor to hold the role, Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor was an old soul with a painful past. His tweed suit jackets and bow ties helped to subdue his youthful exuberance.

It is apparent that wardrobe can be an important factor when it comes to shaping the personality of a character. So what does that say about the next Doctor? What do you think of the latest Doctor’s costume and what we can expect? Let us know in the comments below!

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