Doctor Who Anniversary Countdown! Are You Prepared?

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

If you want to be totally surprised and don’t want any details about the 50th Anniversary Special, well what are you doing on the internet? But, seriously, if you don’t want any spoilers at all, please do not read any further.

What had appeared at one time to be a long and impossibly grueling wait for the Doctor Who Anniversary Special, is now within sight. Stop scoffing and rolling your eyes at us, Sherlock fans, we know six months is nothing compared to what you have had to suffer, but give us a break. We’ve had major character breakthroughs and parallel universe paradigms to wrap our brains around. Not to mention knowing that soon we will be saying goodbye to Matt Smith with the announcement earlier this summer of Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. But, we can talk about that another time.

Thanks to BBC press releases, new tidbits about the anniversary special are trickling in and fans around the world have been devouring them and letting the theories run wild. So that being said, what do we know?

The Length and Format

First of all, we know that the episode, “The Day of the Doctor”, clocks in at a feature length of 75 minutes. Though it will be broadcast in 3D in the UK, it will be the last 3D event for the BBC for the next three years.

The Players

Though fans have been clamoring for a reunion  of all regenerations of the Doctor (in some form or the other) the only actors that have been confirmed for the special are Matt Smith, David Tennant, Jenna Coleman, Bille Piper, and John Hurt. They had me at David Tennant! Viewers will remember the shocking revelation of John Hurt at the end of the season finale as another regeneration of the Doctor that had until now been unknown.

The Broadcast

Normally those of us in the States have to wait to watch shows from across the pond well after they have already been enjoyed and tweeted about. Not so for the Doctor Who Anniversary Special. Proving that this is indeed a historic and globally significant event, the special will be broadcast simultaneously to countries all over the world in a global simulcast. And equally exciting is the announcement that the episode will be screened in select theaters in the U.S. Stay tuned for the details from BBC America in the coming weeks about which theaters!

So, how excited are you for November 23rd?


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