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If you’re fascinated by true crime or even fancy yourself an armchair detective, there’s a whole channel dedicated to indulging your forensic curiosities. You can check out Investigation Discovery ID around the clock and never see an infomercial. So, on those late nights when you just can’t sleep and you’re complaining there’s nothing on TV, check out some of the cool programs on this cable TV channel.

But I must warn you: it’s addictive.

Love Gone Wrong

If there’s one thing you learn watching this channel, the motivation for murder usually comes down to love or money. Or both. But Discovery ID has a few shows that really give love a bad name. With salacious titles like “Wives With Knives,” “Scorned: Love Kills,” and “Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?” you know there won’t be any happily ever after when these episodes end. Featuring reenactments of the crime and all the racy drama leading up to it, these shows keep you guessing till the very end on who did what to whom.

Tired of watching all the divorce court shows on daytime TV? Well, these shows take breaking up to a whole new level.

Down in the Bayou

If you love taking a peek behind the doors of prim Southern culture, “Southern Fried Homicide” dishes up some of the darkest secrets of true crime in the South, served up with a side order of fried green tomatoes. Louisiana native Shanna Forrestall hosts the party in her proper Southern attire, sipping tea and telling tales of scandalous murder.

When you’re ready to get dirty, check out “Swamp Murders,” which crosses “Duck Dynasty” with “C.S.I.” Picture trees dripping with Spanish moss and lots of nasty critters to dispose of all those bodies, and you can see why so many folks disappear in the swamps. And just how scary those backwaters can be.

True Crime TV

Some of the shows may feature a bit of cheeky commentary from criminologists and profilers, but Discovery ID also airs hard-hitting journalistic crime shows like “True Crime with Aphrodite Jones,” “On the Case with Paula Zahn,” and their newest addition in this line of programming, “Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall.”

While Hall – whose sister was murdered – talks about how personal her show is to her, if you really want to get personal, watch “Surviving Evil,” where the crime victims tell their own stories. Obviously you know they survived their ordeals, but that hardly dampens the emotional impact of hearing their stories firsthand.

If you want to hear about crime from the perpetrators themselves, watch “On Death Row” or “Facing Evil with Candice Delong,” a former FBI profiler who goes behind prison walls to interview women convicted of murder.

Tabloid TV

“Tabloid” premieres this month with host Jerry Springer, featuring bizarre tales of murder and mayhem that could come straight out of any sleazy gossip rag. But the channel has a lot of other quirky shows that revel in the more scandalous nature of some crimes, such as “Sins and Secrets,” “Beauty Queen Murders,” and “Elder Skelter,” with geriatrics going on homicidal rampages.

It’s good fun–as a spectator anyway–and no matter what time of the day or night, you’ll find something good to watch on TV.

Do you love true crime TV? What’s your favorite crime show?

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