Dad, still better than those TV dads.

Dad, we’ve had our hard times for sure, but compared to those TV dads I grew up with, you’ve done a pretty alright job. Sure, you tipped the canoe over on our river trip, and you missed my birthday last year, but you’ve done a lot of things right too. Looking at some of the historical dads from TV history, I’d say things have gone right in our relationship. So, to celebrate how far we’ve come, and to show you that I have remembered Father’s Day this year, here’s the top seven TV dads that make me proud to have you as a father.

Disappear for 14 years, then show up only to leave again.

If Will’s Dad in this scene from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air taught me anything, it’s that little hurts as bad as feeling unwanted.

Selfish and uncaring.

You’ve got to hand it to Seinfeld for being one of the funniest shows in TV history, but there is certainly something to be said about the character George’s Father, who is selfish and completely un-phased when confronted by the news that his son is missing and possibly dead.

Being loveless.

Granted it’s not my favorite show, this clip from Everybody Loves Raymond shows how awkward and damaging it can be not to bring love into the family.

Al Bundy

Is there really anything more to say? The iconic father figure from Married With Children is enough to make any son or daughter proud not to have an Al Bundy-like father.
Happy Father’s Day 2011!

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