Clara Oswald: Doctor Who’s Impossible Companion

Clara Oswald Doctor Who

This article may include spoilers for those readers who have yet to see any episodes from the first or second half of series seven of Doctor Who. If the name Clara Oswald means nothing to you at this point, this means you. You have been warned!

The first half of Doctor Who’s current season ended with the tear-jerking departure of beloved companions, Amy Pond and Rory Williams. Anyone who didn’t shed tears as they watched the Doctor desperately plead that Amy stay with him and resist becoming the victim of a surviving Weeping Angel is probably lying. Last year’s Christmas Special revealed a distraught Doctor now retired from his exploits.

And then he meets Clara Oswald.

If Clara Oswald looks familiar, that is because we have seen her before. Or at least a version of her. Yeah, this is Doctor Who, people. Things are never what they appear, and it could take many episodes or seasons for it to be revealed. Remember how long we waited to figure out who River Song was? The mystery of the new companion will hopefully be just as intriguing. The 50th anniversary season of Doctor Who is definitely deserving of a captivating story line.

The second half of this season has just begun and many questions still surround the Doctor’s new companion. As we await those questions to be addressed, let us review what we know so far.

First Appearance

In the episode, Asylum of the Daleks, we meet Oswin Oswald. She is an extremely flirty, soufflé-making computer genius who has crashed onto the planet where insane Daleks are imprisoned. But, as things are never what they seem, it turns out that Oswin herself has been converted into a Dalek. Her last words to the Doctor as she allows him to escape before the planet is destroyed were “Run you clever boy, and remember.”

Second Meeting

It is Clara Oswald, a barmaid and governess in Victorian England, who draws the Doctor out of retirement to investigate alien snow in The Snowmen. Almost immediately after she is given a key to the TARDIS, and after asking if there is a kitchen because she likes to make soufflés, she is attacked and eventually dies. Her last words? “Run you clever boy, and remember.” When the Doctor attends Clara’s funeral and sees her full name on the tombstone — Clara Oswin Oswald — he finally puts it all together and is determined to find her again.

Good Advice

A young girl finds a depressed Doctor swinging at a park, upset that he has lost another friend. She shares with him that when she loses something, she goes somewhere quiet and then she can remember. The Doctor says that perhaps he will find a quiet room and have a good think about it. She really isn’t supposed to talk to strange men, so of course she doesn’t tell him her name, which is a shame since it’s Clara Oswald.

The Phone Call

Seems the Doctor finds a quiet place to think — a cave in Cumbria, in the year 1207. But, that is interrupted when the TARDIS phone starts ringing and the Doctor is called upon to answer it. The caller is from 21st century London and was given the number by a shop woman and told that it was the best helpline in the universe. The Doctor objects at first, but then proceeds to try to help her find the Internet. When she uses the phrase “Run you clever boy, and remember” when typing in the Wi-Fi password, the Doctor is ecstatic that he has finally found his lost companion!

And with that, the adventures begin, as do the questions and theories about the latest companion. The Doctor has already declared that she is not possible. How is the same person showing up in different time periods? Why does she keep telling the Doctor to run and what is he supposed to remember? Who is the woman in the shop who gave her the number to the TARDIS? Why are ages 16 and 23 skipped in her book 101 Places to See?

What do you think? Who is Clara Oswald?

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