Celebrity Ties of “Big Brother” Star Frankie Grande Revealed


Frankie Grande is one of the current cast members on season 16 of “Big Brother.”

On the show, Grande caught fans’ attention with what was reported as the “first showmance” between himself and fellow cast member Zach Rance.

Although Grande and Rance didn’t get along at first, they quickly gave each other a second chance and from there, they engaged in tons of cuddling, which allegedly made a few cast members, including Cody Calafiore, pretty uncomfortable.

By all accounts, Grande and Rance seemed to be heading towards a real relationship. However, during a recent episode of the show, fans were shocked to learn that Grande was plotting to get Rance kicked out of the house. While Grande reassured Rance on several occasions that he was “Team Zach,” he was conspiring with fellow houseguest Devin Shepherd behind closed doors. Now, any possible romance appears to be dead.

As for who Grande is, there are several answers to the question. One of the more notable connections Grande has to pop culture is his ties to pop star Ariana Grande, who is his younger half-sister. In addition to Ariana, Grande is also friends with several celebrities, including Lance Bass (who recently dyed his hair blue in support of Grande’s “Big Brother” appearance), Carmen Electra and “The Real Housewives of Miami” star Lea Black. In fact, he and Black were involved in a controversy a few months ago.

When the third season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” aired on Bravo, Grande posted a video of himself, mocking Marysol Patton’s mother, Mama Elsa, who was ill at the time. In the video, Grande spoke in a Cuban accent and held the left side of his face still, as if he were the ailing Bravo star, and in the background, Black’s laugh was reportedly heard.

Immediately after the video was posted, fans took to social media, where they slammed Black for allegedly making fun of Elsa after her devastating fall, which was followed by a stroke. Throughout the season, fans watched as Patton was overcome with grief over the possibility of losing her mother, so hearing what sounded like Black joking about her situation caused quite the stir.

While Black wasn’t in the video, she was seen with Grande earlier in the day, which many felt confirmed it was her laugh.

Throughout Grande’s stint on “Big Brother,” his half-sister, Ariana, has been very supportive, tweeting to fans about the happenings of the show and telling them how much she misses her brother. She even took things one step further when, on Monday, July 7, she hacked Grande’s account, joking about Scooter Braun’s wedding and telling his fans she enjoys “running Frankie’s account more than my own.” She also posted a photo of a dear with grass on its head with the caption, “Rare photo of [Ariana Grande].”

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