Bravo TV Star Blair Late Opens Up About Newlyweds: The First Year

Blair Late Docu-Series

Blair Late Newlyweds: The First Year

Blair Late isn’t new to the entertainment business. He’s an experienced pop singer, songwriter, actor, and television presenter. Most recently, though, Late has been sharing his private life with the world on Bravo’s new reality show, Newlyweds: The First Year, a show that follows couples through their first year of marriage. In this exclusive interview, Late discusses what its like to work with Bravo, his significant other Jeff Pedersen, and his reality show future.

Q: How did you get involved with Newlyweds?

Late: Jeff and I had a fabulous time dating, fell madly in love, and had so much fun together. Every time we went places with friends and family, everyone would always make these jokes that we are made for TV. After he proposed, a producer friend, unbeknownst to us, sent [Bravo] some photos and a little description of us. Then Bravo called to meet with us and put us through a very long three-month interview process. At the end of the day, we were asked to be the only gay couple on the show. With gay marriage being such a hot topic, we thought it would be such a great opportunity.

We call the show a docu-series. They hired an award-winning documentarian, Lauren Lazin, to make the show. Lauren Lazin is such a great documentarian who has been nominated for Emmys and an Oscar. Monkey Kingdom, the production company behind the show, has been nominated for a BAFTA in the UK, so it was just amazing all around. And being a gay man on Bravo in 2013 is like being an African American singer in the 1960s signed to Motown. It doesn’t get better.

Q: Did you hesitate at all because they would be filming your first year of being married?

Late: Yes. My husband probably had more hesitation than I did. He is not in this business whatsoever. He never has been and never expected to be front and center, whereas I have dabbled in front of the camera and in the music business, fashion business, and as a host for so many years now.

I was so intrigued [by the idea]. To have the experience to be on television and be out of the closet was really exciting. I always trusted that Jeff and I had what it took to separate any sort of drama we have on film and know what we really have. I really was not concerned.

Q: How was it adjusting to having cameras follow you everywhere?

Late: In our house was definitely the most difficult. Our house is very small, so just having all of those people in there made it a little scary because I didn’t want people breaking things. I always made sure people were wearing covers on their shoes. I was always walking on eggshells thinking something was going to break. So, that was very nerve-racking. But when we were doing things outside of the house, that didn’t bother me.

Q: Now that a few episodes have aired, is it what you thought you were getting into?

Late: So far, four episodes in, we could not be more thrilled with not only what they have shown, because it’s all real things we have gone through, but the fanfare, the praise, and the support—especially with Jeff’s family situation—that we have been getting. It has just been unbelievable.

Wanna hear more? Click below to listen to the full interview with Blair Late.

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