“Bones” Executive Prodcuer Stephen Nathan Dishes on Upcoming Surprises

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Executive producer of Bones, Stephen Nathan, said there are a lot of secrets left to be revealed before this ninth season ends. 

Q: I was reading some things about some stuff that’s coming up. Can you talk any bit about what we are going to find out from Hodgins’ past that we don’t know?

Nathan: I could just say very briefly that Hodgins finds out some things about his family, and he had a very close family. I mean, they were very, very wealthy, but he did have a very close family, but he is going to find out some secrets about that family that are going to be quite surprising to him. And it is not going to be grand political secrets or anything like that. It’s going to be very, very personal…Hodgins is somebody who is sent out into the field, something he always loves a chance to do, because there is a murder that revolves around a family that was close to his family when he was growing up. So, he is going into a world of wealth that he no longer enjoys.

Q: Now that Pelant is gone, I know obviously he was telling Brennan about whoever this new person is that’s coming along that’s worse than him, is that going to be coming soon, and can you talk at all about that?

Nathan: That will be reintroduced in the episode that I was just talking about, when Hodgins goes back to an old family friend. So, Brennan is the type of person who is not going to forget the words of warning that were given to her by Pelant, and that has been simmering for the past six episodes or so, and we will see that surface in a way that concerns Booth and the other people at the lab and is something they are all going to have to contend with, seeing how immersed and overwhelmed Brennan is by the idea of this new serial killer.

Q: Are there any plans to bring Aldo or Danny back soon—?

Nathan:They will definitely reappear. Danny, we are working on that episode now. Again, this will be next year. This will, again, be probably in February, and it will be an episode which sort of teams Booth and Danny in a common cause, but also causes Booth to question Danny in a way that hopefully will be very surprising. That will be on whatever night Fox puts us on in January or February.

Q: And will Danny or Booth have family members again this season?

Nathan: Yes, we’ll revisit them as well; when is still a question. I think what we are trying to do a little bit more this season is to highlight the personal lives and conflicts of a lot of our supporting cast. This is a family that has become so tight and so close that we get to see them sort of through Booth and Brennan’s eyes. We are examining a little bit more this season Cam’s life, Hodgins’ life, and even the interns. We are doing quite an emotional story with Wendell coming up. So, we are going to see the sort of family of this show. Their lives hopefully become richer and a little bit deeper than they have been in the past.

Q: What will we see about what Cam’s storyline will be in the upcoming episodes of the rest of the season?

Nathan: Well, we are going to be dealing with the, for the next few episodes where we are highlighting Cam, we are going to be dealing with the struggle she is having with her identity theft, which also becomes an identity crisis. We are going to be dealing with that, because that is really an interesting, doing the research on that, that’s really fascinating, because most of the time the police do nothing. They can’t do anything. They don’t have the resources, and people are kind of left to fend for themselves and try to dig them out of a real horrible place. Fortunately, she has Angela. So, we will be dealing with that and eventually dealing with the person who has stolen her identity.

Q: Also, David is currently prepping to direct another episode. What can you tell us about the episode he will be directing?

Nathan: We are prepping that now, and it’s a terrific episode. He is just going to kill with it. He is simply one of our favorite directors, and this one is sort of a bit of a take on the “Looking for Sugarman” documentary that was out. It’s the murder of an anonymous singer who we learn a lot more about as we uncover this case. This is also the episode in which we are going to see Wendell contend with something none of us want to contend with. Is that vague enough?

Q: With Pelant gone, he was like your big bad, is this new serial killer going to be a big bad like he was, because you found that to be successful?

Nathan: Pelant was such a big bad, was such a huge presence in everybody’s life, such an enormous and personal threat, that it’s very difficult to do that again, and everybody is going to compare one to the other.

So, we have another serial killer who is surfacing, one who has existed for many, many years, and who is anonymous, who we are calling, actually, the ghost killer. So, it’s a very ephemeral presence and sort of an evil that lurks in the shadows, someone whose identity we are not even sure of. When we find out the truth that many of these murders that have gone into limbo in cold cases are linked, we then have to find out really who it is. 

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