Best of Ron Swanson: Top Ten Moments of Season Five

Best of Ron Swanson

Best of Ron Swanson

Love and romance were in the air on Parks and Recreation this season. Not only did season five include an absolutely adorable proposal and a surprise last-minute wedding for Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt, but it also introduced a new love interest for our favorite bacon-eating, moustache-wearing libertarian, Ron Swanson. That being the case, it’s no surprise that this season, the best of Ron Swanson includes a lot of sweet and tender moments. But all in that classic, no-nonsense Ron Swanson style, of course. Though the season isn’t over yet, here are ten scenes we won’t soon forget.

1. The Ultimate Meet-Cute


Did you ever think you would live to see Ron Swanson wearing makeup and a feather boa? Only a former warrior princess could be responsible for this memorable moment. Swanson meets Diane Lewis (Lucy Lawless) while taking it upon himself to repair a pot hole in her neighborhood, and he is immediately smitten by this single mother of two adorable girls. If we ever doubted that Ron Swanson had a sensitive side, seeing him play dress-up to impress a lady has forever crushed those doubts.

2. Best. Apology. Ever.

Ron's Apology

Sure, it might have taken him awhile to realize and admit that he made a mistake and needed to apologize, but once he did, it was outstanding. Flowers, chocolate, and grout cleaner: the key to every woman’s heart.

3. Ron Swanson Is Starstruck

Parks and Recreation

A genuinely happy Ron Swanson is a rare and wonderful thing. And even more so when it comes out of sheer giddiness. Seeing the serious Swanson geek out at the idea of meeting a woodworking master in the flesh is priceless.

4. A Secret Revealed

Duke Silver

When your boyfriend reveals his secret jazz-playing alter ego to you in front of his possessive and adoring fans, you know it’s serious. It looks as though Duke Silver has finally found his duchess, and we couldn’t be happier for him!

5. Feelings Revealed

Parks and Recreation

It was only a matter of time before Ron Swanson finally uttered the “L” word to his new girlfriend, Diane. It came as no surprise to viewers, or to her two daughters, who had earlier teased him relentlessly about it.

6. Punch in the Face

Parks and Recreation

Violence is never the answer. But, sometimes some people just need a punch in the face. No one knows that better than Ron Swanson, who came to the rescue at Leslie and Ben’s wedding when a drunken Councilman Jamm interrupted the ceremony.

7. “You are a wonderful person. Your friendship means a lot to me. And you look very beautiful.”


Ron and Leslie have always had a special friendship despite their differing views. Ron Swanson may be a man of few words, but he knows how to give a powerful and moving speech. His words to Leslie before he walked her down the aisle were simple but unforgettable.

8. A Ron Swanson Giggle!

Parks and Recreation

When a government bailout supported by Leslie results in a local video store owner turning his business into an adult video store, Leslie is devastated. Ron Swanson, however, opposed the bailout and finds this hysterical. We don’t like seeing Leslie fail, but that Ron Swanson giggle is infectious.

9. Sick Ron Swanson = Hilarious

Parks and Recreation

We don’t wish ill upon our favorite characters on Parks and Recreation, but we do love to see them under the weather. It’s not our fault they seem to be funniest when they are fighting against some disease or other.

10. Ron Tries to Eat a Banana

Parks and Recreation

No Best of Ron Swanson list would be complete without some mention of food. And only Ron Swanson could make an attempt at eating a banana appear hilarious and heartwarming all at the same time. It’s all in the name of health…and love.

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