Best New Shows to Replace Old Favorites


The Office has finally closed its doors after nine long, hilariously awkward years, and Liz Lemon and the gang at 30 Rock have ended their run after seven seasons. The departure of these two shows changes the landscape of TV comedy, but we’re here to help with the best new shows to fill the void left by these landmark series.

And it doesn’t just end with comedies. Popular long-running dramas have also recently ended, leaving you with time in your TV-viewing schedule and a hole in your heart. If you are mourning the end of your favorites, try these new shows to fill the gap.

Filling the Laughter Void

If you loved 30 Rock and The Office, you will love The Mindy Project. Both Mindy and 30 Rock share witty female lead characters with an insatiable love of pop culture trying to find love while juggling a demanding career in New York City. And not only is star and creator Mindy Kaling an Office alum, but many of her former costars (B.J. Novak, Ed Helms, and Ellie Kemper) appear on the show as guest stars.

If you loved Up All Night and are upset that it isn’t returning, then perhaps a new season of Will Arnett on Arrested Development will help ease your disappointment. Unless you’ve been cut off from all lines of Internet communication, you should know that the Bluth clan will return on May 26 with a new season on Netflix.

Seeking New Drama

No one does drama like the BBC, so replace your favorite U.S. dramas with some British series. Many BBC dramas are available on Netflix, Hulu and PBS. If you loved Private Practice, try Call the Midwife. It follows the life of nurse Jenny as she begins her career at a nursing convent in an underprivileged suburb of London in the 1950s. Based on actual nurse memoirs, it’s gripping and informative, and offers something a little different to the gloss of many American medical dramas.

If the cancellation of CSI:NY has left you in need of new investigations to ponder, you must watch Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch (Star Trek Into Darkness) seems born to play the role of the genius investigator, while Martin Freeman (The Hobbit) makes Dr. Watson the likable and vulnerable eyes and ears of the audience, helping us make sense of Sherlock’s processes as he himself does so. Though the show has been around since 2010, it’s a fresh and unique modern take on the legend that it’s definitely worth a look.

What other shows do you miss and what are you watching to get your comedy and drama fix now?

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