Arrested Development: Moments That Stayed With Us

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If you spend any time on the Internet, you’ll know people are excited about the return of Arrested Development later this month. A recent trailer for Netflix’s season four premiere shows there are familiar elements mixed in with new jokes and funny moments. But before we get discover exactly which new lines we’ll be quoting for month’s, CableTV takes look back at first three seasons to share the funniest moments that, even now, find their way into our conversations.


Arrested Development

When Lucille adopts a Korean boy to make Buster jealous, it’s a confused mess from the start. Greeting the family in Korean (“Annyong” means hello), the family figures that is his name (it’s not—his name is Hel-loh. See, confusing). Since then, any time Arrested Development fans meet a Korean family, they’ve been able to proudly tell them hello in their own language. We have Lucille and George Bluth’s adopted son to thank for being so culturally educated.

Charlie Brown Moments

Arrested Development

You are not alone if, any time you are faced with disappointment, you sad walk to the tune of “Christmas Time is Here.” Poor George-Michael.

Come On!

Come On

It’s a short catchphrase, but it’s effective. If things aren’t going your way or someone has disappointed you yet again, these two words can say so much.

The Final Countdown

Arrested Development

You only need to hear the first few seconds of this song by Swedish band Europe, and you automatically have images of Gob performing his “illusions” in your head. I don’t think I can ever take that song seriously again. Though, frankly, could we ever?


Arrested Development

Never has a single pronoun held so much meaning. When George-Michael introduced the family to his girlfriend Ann Veal, no one can see the attraction and Michael does his best to get in the way of his son’s relationship. If you don’t approve of someone and have nothing nice to say, use this one simple question to clearly state your opinion. It’ll be as Ann as the nose on Plain’s face.

Hey Brother!

Arrested Development

Greet your favorite male sibling the Buster Bluth way!

I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

Arrested Development

When it comes to catchphrases, Gob Bluth certainly has a way with words. None of us like to admit when we’re wrong, but when we do, we can’t help but say these five words.

Marry Me!

Marry Me

American singer St. Vincent admitted naming her album “Marry Me” after Maeby’s favorite deflection, often used to skillfully avoid unwanted conversations. Be careful with this one, it could bring unwanted attention if not used correctly!

No Touching!

Arrested Development

It’s hard to take any prison scene seriously after this. Even Downton Abbey!

Arrested Development

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