Are You Ready For Batman to Come to Fox?

Batman Gotham

Based around Gotham City Police Department Commissioner James Gordon (before he earns his stripes), FOX has announced they will premiere a Batman spinoff — an origin story entitled “Gotham” or “Gordon”.

The character was originally created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, and was introduced in the first DC Comic classic in 1939; he’s been a supporter of Batman ever since. Neil Hamilton played James Gordon the last time there was a Batman spinoff TV-show in the 1960’s; Gary Oldman has portrayed the character most recently in Christopher Knight’s trilogy.

Bruno Heller of The Mentalist and Rome is said to be heading the project, which has already been picked up for a full season without having a pilot shot.

Many villains from the comic — Two Face, The Joker, The Riddler, The Penguin, Catwoman, and even the Falcone family — are assumed to appear in the show. Barbara Gordon or Bat Girl may be cast, as well as Gordon’s son Jim Jr. (who goes on to become a serial killer). Bruce Wayne himself, will not be made a character, but what about parents Thomas and Martha Wayne? Will James Gordon possibly investigate the death of Batman’s parents?

In 2002, Birds of Prey premiered but didn’t last, a series about the daughter of Batman and Catwoman trying to save Gotham. However, more recently, comic book-driven TV shows are becoming more and more popular; Smallville, the Superman origin series ran for 10 seasons, and now Arrow is highly growing on The CW. That same network may also be turning Wonder Woman into a series. Agents of SHIELD from Marvel premiered on ABC September 24, with close to 12 million viewers.

There are no confirmed actors for the series just yet, but with Ben Affleck to star as the caped crusader in 2015, who do you wish to see as James Gordon?

With Breaking Bad‘s series finale, some have rumored Aaron Paul to be auditioning for the role. Even Dexter himself, Michael C. Hall, would be a satisfactory fit, as his series too has just ended. Fringe star Joshua Jackson was runner up to star in Batman Begins as Bruce Wayne, but could easily be portrayed as Gordon instead. British actor Richard Armitrage may be a favorite of fellow countrymen Heller, and will be gaining more fame with the releases of the Hobbit trilogy. The latter even resembles an early James Gordon, and has appeared in another comic book work: Captain America, The First Avenger.

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