‘American Horror Story': You Won’t Believe Who is the Next Supreme

American Horror Story

One of the great mysteries on “American Horror Story” this season revolves around which witch takes Fiona’s place as the new Supreme. After Cordelia revealed the dearly-departed Madison wasn’t the next Supreme–even before Fiona killed her and she became the next tea party doll–rumors ran rampant among fans on the true Supreme’s identity. But fans have overlooked the most obvious choice.

It’s Nan. Yes, the one with Down’s Syndrome.

Now before you get your broomsticks in a twist and tell me how wrong I am, let’s break this down a bit, shall we?

One of the reasons Fiona thought that Madison was the new Supreme was because she seemed to be manifesting new powers. Mainly, flipping a bus of very naughty frat boys and setting the neighbors’ curtains on fire. Now who else was present when those curtains caught on fire? Nan.

So, how could Nan flip that party bus while she sat at home? Remember the clairvoyant Nan reads minds, so if she tuned into her psychic radio and knew what those bad boys did to Madison, one twitch of the nose, Bewitched-style, and that bus tumbles over in a bloody mess. And Nan could have pulled the strings with the lit cigarette and the resurrection of FrankenKyle that seemed to be the work of Madison.

So no matter where they are, Nan knows what’s going on. Are you starting to feel this theory with me? Starting to think maybe I’m not as crazy as you thought? Well okay, I am kinda crazy, but I’m telling you, I’m right and it works.

Why go through all this trouble, you ask? Well, think about this: As the next Supreme, if you read minds, you know Fiona means to kill anyone she thinks threatens her place and her power. So anyone with a lick of sense starts thinking about how to protect herself and how to keep her powers secret. That means figuring a way to make it look like someone else is the upcoming Supreme and figuring out a way to get rid of ol’ Fiona before she wises up to what you’re up to.

Enter Madison as the “it” girl and the perfect fall girl to draw Fiona’s wrath. After Madison gets dispatched by Fiona, the Council of Witches–called by Nan–dispatches Fiona for her crime, which calls for death to those guilty of murdering another witch.

At least that’s how Nan wanted it to work. But getting a Council conviction of Fiona won’t be that simple, my pretties.

Still not convinced? Some “American Horror Story” fans feel Fiona seems rejuvenated after her kill, so maybe Madison was the Supreme, after all. But maybe the next Supreme just enhances Fiona’s powers a bit to create that illusion.

And that brings me to my greatest argument for Nan as the next Supreme. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if Nan–the witch with Down’s Syndrome–turns out to be the smartest witch of them all? That’s how I’d write it.

What do you think now? Do you think Nan or someone else takes Fiona’s place at the top of the witch brigade?

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