How Amber Portwood’s Prison Release MTV Series Will Impact ‘Teen Mom’ Viewers?

Amber Portwood Teen Mom

An Amber Portwood MTV series is coming soon and already, the web is buzzing about whether or not the show is a good idea.

On Monday, the former Teen Mom star was released from prison following 17 months behind bars after voluntarily turning herself in for a five year sentence. Months prior to Amber entering prison, she had been struggling with addiction and felt that serving her term was the only way to kick her drug habit once and for all.

As this was all going on, MTV cameras continued to roll, catching all the drama for the series. However, once Amber was behind bars, the network announced that the show was a wrap for good which was a disappointment to some fans. Many thought that Amber had ruined the fun for the other girls, but what she was really doing was saving her life and ensuring that her daughter had a chance to eventually get her mother back — even if that meant being away from her for an extended period. 

Last month, just as it was announced that Amber had been granted an early release from prison, her brother told fans that she was excited to move on, away from the limelight. “She wants none of that life anymore,” Shawn Portwood said in an interview at the time. “She’s grown up far more than I thought she would. When I talk to her, she’s changed.”

Then, in an odd turn of events, Amber was immediately placed into a car with a camera crew as she drove away from jail, proving that she was far from ready to move on from the world of reality.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Amber will soon be featured in an MTV special regarding her homecoming and adjustment back into the life of her daughter Leah, as well as Leah’s father, Gary Shirley.

Although Amber being featured in the public eye again so soon may not be the best thing for her, it could have a positive influence on fans. For years, viewers have watched as Amber, and a few other Teen Mom stars, have struggled with the pressures of being a young mom living their lives for all to see, and making bad decisions all the way. From Amber’s drug use to her fighting with Gary, she always seemed to be caught up in the madness of her fame more so than her duties as a mother. This, among other things, led to tons of speculation about whether or not MTV glamorizes teen pregnancy. 

From the start, the show was meant to provide an inside look at the hardships of teen pregnancy, but for many of the girls, it simply afforded them a lifestyle which led to destruction and drove them away from their children.

Still, this could be a really positive thing for young people. Seeing Amber overcome her addiction and move forward in a positive way could show fans that there is an answer to their problems and that even when things look bleak, there is always a way out.

Amber Portwood may have a long way to go before she proves herself a changed woman, but judging by her friends and family’s recent revelations, Amber appears to be ready to set a good example for others and for her daughter.

Is an Amber Portwood MTV series a good idea?

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